ASO App Store Optimisation

Its mostly IOS and Google Play but after Google and YouTube this is probably the best way to get to your potential Clients especially those who are on a mobile interface.If you can get your App optimised well, have people download it and then use it to communicate your message to this growing base, you are basically sending mesages that are being seen. You do not need to charge for the app, justget it downloaded.

MeanIT App Store Optimisation

The best place to get found for your app is the App Store. As with early Web SEO remember the original basics, App titles should be logical to help you get found in store search, so if you are a Physiotherapist, offer an App called Physio Tips or Physio Plans and extend it with a sharp finish like to stay fit or to fell good or to relieve back pain, something obvious to the searcher and search engine, something that makes sense – proper english please not just keywords (wrong place).
Then make the Description, just as logical, especially for Google, less so for Apple.
Then get the keywords right using no more than 100 characters, space using commas only. Use words that are not already in the Title.
Bring your Corporate look in to play in your Icon to portray what you are offering – make it obvious. That Graphic should look as sharp as your wording, as indeed should any Screen Grabs to show people what your App Interface looks like, create familiarity before the download.
Watch your views versus your downloads to measure how well you perform and tweak everything above to improve performance. By all means use Apptamin, Apptentive or Flurry to analyse performance, much like Google Analytics.

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