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An eCommerce website online shop helps you sell online securely with the full backup of a support team.

TubHub-IrelandDo you want an eCommerce Website Online Shop with or without a CMS ? Is it to be:
A. a full blown eCommerce solution such as Magento or
B. a website with an eCommerce plugin, such as Hikashop or WooCommerce or
C. a website with a simple catalogue and cart with Paypal or Stripe to take payments?
D. SaaS – Software as a service such as Shopify

A.  Full blown shop – Do you need a serious eCommerce Website Online Shop like Magento where the site is an ‘out and out’ selling tool with loads of products, selling mainly on price. Ideal for a shop with thousands of products and a hands on website manager with a team.
B. Website & plugin – Is it to be an Online Shop or eCommerce website with a plugin shop such as Hikashop or Woocommerce, giving you greater control over the design aspects of content and therefore the marketing aspects of the site, but suited to a smaller shop, for dozens or maybe hundreds of products. This has very user friendly website design, so people with basic IT knowledge can edit and update. It is ideal for a small company that wants to use the website to attract visitors to good content, that in turn sells products, perhaps a few hundred. No team required.
C. Simple – You could have a website and a small number of products that sell via Paypal or Stripe links. Ideal for starter sites or someone dipping their toe in the water of eCommerce to sell a few items maybe even a few dozen.
D. SaaS – Software as a service such as Shopify allows you rent space for as long as you want it. You own nothing and have limited options, but it is a low cost option for an online shop, which could be a good way to see if your products will sell online in sufficient quantities, to merit a bigger investment

Do you want an Online Shop with or without a CMS ? 

What exactly do you need? What is involved? Find out   Best eCommerce Platform for you 

An eCommerce Package should give a business everything it needs to sell its particular products online, including:

eCommerce Website Online Shop – What you get:

Green-Acres-Quilts-DonegalThe eCommerce Website tools include:

  • Content Management System – OPTIONAL CMS Content Management System, simple to use, allowing you make changes to your website design, content, blog, news, articles, imagery, navigations, videos, maps, SEO etc. Ideal for promoting your shop.
  • Product Catalogue – Like the website content you have full control over your catalogue. This feature allows you to store your products and manage the pricing, text, imagery etc.
  • Shopping Cart – allowing you to securely sell your products or service online.
  • eCommerce Website Design Template – The website needs to have a look that best suits your company brand. We have FREE and premium templates for you to choose from. If you have a unique web design and brand required for the website, we can create this in the solution. Cost of special template is dependent on time required to create it.
  • SEO Tools – The CMS comes with a Search Engine Tool, allowing you to optimize each of your web pages keeping you competitive in terms of Google, Yahoo etc. A website is not just for show, you will need customers to find your business listed on search engines. With this package you will be given all of the means necessary to do so. A website without SEO will not be seen by Search Engines.
  • Unlimited Web pages – The CMS is capable of storing unlimited web pages helping your website grow with your business. If your business needs this facility this package is perfect as the website will run on the internet quickly whether it has 1 or 1000 pages.
  • Content Entry – While this solution is completely customizable, we input content provided by you as a first draft and you start editing from there. We do the first 10 pages or whatever is agreed.
  • Attachment Downloads – Each Web page has a facility for adding attachments allowing visitors to the website download files.
  • Image Gallery – Every website has a gallery, allowing you to display your projects, shops etc. You can add as many images to your gallery as you wish.
  • Google Maps – Your website can contain Google Maps, which can also be added to any web page. Our easy to use ‘Copy & Paste’ Google Maps feature allows you to help customers locate you, locate your projects or locate conference locations, stockists etc.
  • YouTube – Your website can contain YouTube content that you have the power to embed on each of your web pages. Video is a great way of demonstrating your product or service to your customers
  • Flash Manager – Our built in flash gallery allows you to upload and add as many animated documents to your web pages as you require.
  • Image Manager – Sometimes one image can explain so much more than a lot of content. The image manager allows you to easily store your images and add them to your web pages while also allowing for linking to other areas of the website or other sites.
  • Preview Mode – MeanIT CMS allows you to make changes to the website not yet ready for the public’s eye. Preview mode allows you to view the website with the new content while the public are unable to view your latest changes until you allow them to do so. You are in control in every way.
  • Email Accounts – email is essential for every business, with this package you will get an email account forwarder.
  • Query Form – the CMS comes equipped with a standard form which can be submitted by customers and is delivered directly to an email address of your preference. These details are not stored on mailing lists, the forms sole purpose is to allow customers contact you with a query and leave a contact detail for you to get back to them.
  • Website Statistics – Once your website is up and running you will want to know who was on your website, what they were looking at and how they came to be on your website. This will be provided to you with our eCommerce Website Solutions through a registration with Google Analytics FREE.
  • This solution is ideal for any Client who wants a quality eCommerce web design or presence that they can edit without the need for an ‘IT’ person or ‘Webmaster’. It is a tool for Non Techs as no coding is required and only basic computer skills are needed. It allows for selling online in a fast secure way.

eCommerce Website Online Shop Design Costs

  • Content Management System, Product Catalogue, Shopping Cart, Initial  Content Entry for 10 pages and 10 products,  add Unlimited Web pages yourself, Attachment Management, Image and Flash Manager, Image Gallery, SEO Tools, Google Maps, YouTube, Preview Mode, Query Form, Video Tutorial, Website Statistics… 

Arranmore-Ferry-DonegalTypical ballpark cost for proper eCommerce Website Online Shop – from €4 – €6k for a Business website CMS Content Management System with Hikashop or WooCommerce plugin for dozens of products, and then upwards from €6k to €10K plus for full blown Magento, an Enterprise solution for hundreds or thousands of products, depending on the spec and the time involved. Then factor in your ongoing webmaster and Digital Marketing costs. 
NOTE: To consider spending less, means you may be under estimating what is involved or maybe you can do much of the work yourself. Beware you do not lose the opportunity of doing business, by having a poor performing eCommerce Website Design.

Maybe you need a phased rollout where you try with a smaller site and grow it when you prove that people will buy your products online. This way you can stagger the investment and use cash flow generated to reinvest in the solution. As long as you have a plan, why not do it in stages with your developers.

The CMS solution is ideal for any Client who wants a quality web presence that they can edit without the need for an ‘IT’ person or ‘Webmaster’. It is a tool for Non Techs, as no coding is required and only basic computer skills are needed. It allows for selling online in a fast secure way.

The Magento solution needs someone who will manage it and it is more complicated, time consuming, sophisticated, but has so many bells and whistles. It integrates with eBay and Amazon, allows for all sorts of upselling, cross selling, offers, promotions, coupons, ratargeting and so on. This is a serious shop for someone who is serious about eCommerce, but it is overkill for someone who does not want to be

We can recommend suitable hosting provider if required.

Optional items

  • Content Editing
  • Content Creation 
  • Digital  Marketing 

What does a website cost?    Webmaster Outsourced   Best eCommerce option for you

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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