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Google Adsense

by | Last updated: Dec 28, 2021

Google Adsense – Advertising for Google, is simple and just takes some time to set up and then to monitor its performance.

Do it yourself or just pay someone to do it.

Google Adsense – You basically allow Google to place ads on your website, for companies that they deem are in some connected business. Every time someone clicks the ad you get credited with a very small

amount of money and the visitor promptly gets taken away from your website. You need a very busy website, before the value of the credits add up to anything much.
This is great if you have spare space on your website and tens of thousands of visitors every week and you do not need to promote your own product on your website. Work hard to get them and then send them away for a few cents ??? Makes no sense.
Do we recommend it ? No, usually not and to be honest Google is not interested in placing ads on your site unless you have huge traffic, but it promotes Google.

Some people will create a site with loads of information, just to get people to come there and Click on the Ads – that is a specific business model, but not one our Clients ever do.


For more details see  http://www.google.ie/ads/#subid=ie-en-ha-aw-bkhp0~19263677815 


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