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Mobile Friendliness gets priority in search results


What is so bad, now that Google prioritises mobile friendliness of website ? How can your website suffer. Could your text size be too small, is your content wider than page, poor length of navigation bars, spacing of links, mobile viewport not set, 3rd Party plugins that are not mobile friendly or general confusion in the layout. Google will see when visitors just bounce away and will punish poor sites, by dropping them in search rankings.

It is all about making the experience good for the browser or visitor, so how the page looks on a mobile. If there is a shop, how does it look and flow. Test your website here – it is a simple free test from Google that will tell you if your website is mobile friendly – simple. You will get some results and actions to follow up. Read the fundamentals here or ask your Developer to do it.

Any site should be easy to navigate, whether that is on a pc, laptop, tablet, mobile or phablet, in any browser and at any time. That means work for someone, but if you want results you will need to comply and the bottom line is that this all good for your business, if you do it and bad for your competitor if they do not. There will be winners and losers – where do you come in?

Chances are that your website is not fully mobile friendly and you will need to do some work. Being mobile responsive is not enough, it needs to be mobile response-able where you can have the mobile view different to the pc view or the tablet view, so you improve navigation and speed on a small screen. For newer websites, this should be part of the basic deliverables.

Mobile browsing Stats

MEANit-Is-Your-Website-Mobile-Friendly?Over 70% of buying decisions are made online, even if the purchase is done in store or over the phone after a conversation. In America over 90% of people use smartphones for local search, so this makes mobile friendly websites critical. And over 75% of searches are done at home where there is probably a bigger computer nearby. Everybody is starting their search on a mobile, so check out your website mobile speed here. Almost 90% of of people click on one of the 10 organic results of a search on page 1. Over 40% click on the first organic option. Only about 10% click on the second or third result. And the number of people going t page 2 is in the single percentage figures.

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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