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How well did your web developers optimise your website?


Test Your Website to see how it really ranks in Google – FREE Google test.

How well did your web developers optimise your website?

Do not take their word for it, run this FREE independent Google test, to find out for yourself in 5 minutes or less. They cannot hide away from this independent test or bluff you on this.

You want to rank on page 1 of Google, in your target area, for your main keywords or key phrases. If the web design agency is doing a good job, you will be on page 1, ideally number 1 on page 1 for the key terms or key words. How well are you ranking for your target keywords?  Do not take their word for it, because you can do this simple FREE search in Google and find out for yourself at any given time.

Search concept illustration. Idea of surfing the net and research.

On your computer, open Google Chrome. At the very top right hand corner of your screen, see the three dots, click and then choose ‘New incognito window’. A new window appears. enter your target keyword or term to see how well your website really ranks in search engine results pages.

Note:  You can also use a keyboard shortcut to open an Incognito window:
Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS:    Press Ctrl + Shift + n.
Mac:   Press ⌘ + Shift + n.

How does Chrome Incognito window keep your browsing private.

It simply ignores your previous Google searches or which websites you visited on that computer. Google always delivers results it thinks you want to see, based on your previous browsing history. Now, in Incognito Search, when you search you can see what other people see, without being polluted by your own previous personal browsing history.

How well do you rank in Google? – Do this simple FREE Google test and find out. Enter your target search term such as ‘seo dublin’ and see where you rank.

How well did your web developers optimise your website?

What did you find out?. It is critical that you can regularly check how well you rank for your chosen target key words or key phrases, in your target market. This is why you optimise your website or pay someone to optimise it for you. If you are a solicitor in Dublin, you want to be on page one results when someone searches for ‘solicitors in Dublin’ or at least in your area such as Ranelagh or Dun Laoghaire etc. Whilst, if you are an Accountant in Balbriggan you want to turn up on Page 1 when someone searches for ‘Accountants in Balbriggan’. And if you are a Solicitor in Blanchardstown you want to turn up on Page 1 when someone searches for ‘Solicitor in Blanchardstown’.

How well did your web developers optimise your website? Let us know when you find out.

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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