Most sites are too big to deliver effectively on Thin Clients such as Smart Phones – Mobile websites

So Pick 4 or 5 important bits and have them appear on the smaller screen in the right order.

MeanIT Web TipsDrop the images and reduce the text, to tell people what you do, where you do it, who you are and how to contact you.

Optimise the content for mobile search and use Special Offers to get people to sign up for text or email deals. Have a Taxi firm – Number Number Number. Restaurant – Number, Offers, Availability, Location ? Dentist – Number, Make an appointment. Doctor pr Medical Centre – Instant chat, Number ? Football Club – Fixtures List and Results or updates.

Most fat websites can be thinned and optimised to look well and get found in mobile search, so talk to your web team and get it done. Most templates or themes allow you dictate the Mobi look.

For new websites, design it with mobile in mind, as it is fast becoming the most important source of visitors, looking for something right now, information, news, offers, booking etc.

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