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Mobile Shopping – Shop front for mobile eCommerce

Mobile Shopping is the new front door to your store or business. According to Google 75% of shoppers start with a small screen and when they are interested or engaged enough, they work their way to the large screen. As the mobile e-commerce interface gets better, people will visit the store on their mobile phone and make the purchase securely on the mobile phone. According to Google, their local search is helping increase sales and traffic to local stores online presence, with nearly 20% of the searches leading to a sale. According to Google 80% of shoppers start with a mobile phone, when they go window shopping digitally.

Also, according to Google, if you can state or prove online that you have the stock physically in the store, then mobile viewers are likely to go there to try it on or have have a look.

Mobile eCommerce interface Blog Michael MacGinty ml

One very important aspect of Googles research is their finding that customers, who buy once from a particular store or brand and have a good experience, are likely to keep coming back to the familiarity of your website and are supposedly worth 10 times more than any other one off customer – see article on the Value of a Customer. We are all using our smart phone to research everything we do, so all of this should be really obvious for retailers, but also service providers, whether they are mainly online or mainly off-line.

Mobile eCommerce future trends

As the technology and security improves, online e-commerce stores will be able to identify people, who are browsing by age, sex and location and deliver a variety of results in their website interface, based on that information. Whether you are a teen or a thirty-something or even a silver surfer, soon smart website solutions will deliver a user experience that suits you and your particular needs or preferences.

Mobile is really starting to take off in a serious way for e-commerce and as secure mobile payment systems are added, alongside the forthcoming simple easy carts and check outs, online sales can only continue to grow. Clumsy forms will be replaced by using simple bio metrics and voice recognition technology. Much like using social in your marketing mix today, your mobile presence will dramatically affect your ability to sell anything tomorrow.

Warning – mobile eCommerce threat.

Even the systems that are being offered by web development companies today, will not be good enough for e-commerce tomorrow. Your digital engagement in Mobile needs to be radically rethought, redesigned, restructured and redeveloped ASAP. Otherwise, new tech savvy operators will appear and take a chunk of your market, simply because they understand and use the tools that your customers want to use. This is not rocket science, people stopped sending telegrams when they started using telephones. If you are in the business of selling anything, put a date in your diary with your marketing team to discuss how you are going to change your approach and your digital platforms to engage your audience and convert them to buying whatever it is you are selling. This engagement has to start online to get them to go to your store whether you sell online of offline.

The Good News
mobile friendy websites from meanit web designIf you are willing to embrace these new and ever faster evolving technologies, you have a great opportunity to grab a chunk of someone else’s market and create a space for yourself. To be honest, standing still was never an option in business. Google says the Micro Moments as they call them are our chance to connect and deliver results, if we get the interface right for our visitors.

Last word – You do not need an eCommerce solution to sell online.
But you do need a good web presence. You are selling, even if you are not a retailer or do not have an eCommerce website, so people searching for a solution, that you provide, need to find you and get the answers to their questions before they engage with you. If you do not turn up when they search you are not even competing for their business. And everybody starts a search with Google or their preferred search engine – don’t you? Soon it will be the norm that voice search will deliver audio results, from which we will choose a vendor, with whom to engage. If you are thinking, you do not really understand whats happening with all this mobile stuff, you need to engage someone who does. The way people buy has changed so we need to change the way we sell.”

If you do not have a clear marketing strategy talk to us about how you can get found when someone does a search for the solution you have to offer. Feedback-web-partners-Get-in-touch-190x50 Note: It does not have to be a product and you do not have to be a retailer.

Do you want more traffic?

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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