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Momentum for Chrome

by | Last updated: Dec 3, 2022

Google Momentum for Chrome New Tab page

A simple App for the Chrome browser

BenefitsMomentum for Chrome by Michael MacGinty at MeanIT1. FREE – Add on or Extension for Chrome, easy to install
2. Nice image with Personalised Greeting
3. Time
4. Local Weather to indicate current temperature and cloud, rain etc – No Forecast
5. Positive Quotes feed each day
6. To Do list where you can add things to do and move the order or position of these tasks to prioritise them. The list can be hidden or kept on screen, whichever suits best at any given time
7. Search Bar for Google search (Not as good as normal view – NOT recommended)
8. Customised Links or Shortcuts list to go to websites or Google Apps or to a new Chrome window, to anything that you visit often
9. Customiseable Panel so you can decide what to have showing at any time
10. Main Focus – Write in what your main focus is for today and every time you open a new Tab you get a reminder, which helps you stay on track. With all the distractions in an average day, this gentle nudge reminds you What’s Important NOW


1.This could be seen as unnecessary, as you go to a new tab in Chrome you are most likely just looking to do a search in Google, so it takes up some time.
2. It also demands more from your pc as it takes up some resources.
3. It could be seen as a distraction or even an annoyance

1. It is an attractive looking positive window which is uplifting every time it is opened
2. It that offers loads of shortcuts to your “most used” links or apps, so can be a quick way to where you are going
3. It is a great Reminder window to help keep you focussed on what is important NOW, that one thing. WIN Whats Important Now – this is crucial to your time management and productivity
4. This App is continually being developed and will add more functionality over time


Try it, because it is easy to install, easy to trial, easy to uninstall and could just be a great tool for you to stay on track, to focus on what is important now and every day to you. Set it up, add a few shortcut links, add a few items in the To Do list and add your Main Focus for today – then take it for a test drive for a week Get it HERE

IF you want a bit more help to tame the racing mind, read John Kuypers book Whats important Now – see HERE 6 strategies to help you focus, to become more self aware and live in the moment, which helps with productivity and time management.

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