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mypicdrop or PicDrop – Digital Shelf Stackers™

mypicdrop.comEntrepreneur Karina Kelly has launched www. mypicdrop.com to help Irish retailers gain an edge in the competitive online marketplace.
Mypicdrop or PicDrop is a new service that prepares product images for online use. The service offers product image resizing, renaming, and editing so that retailers are ready to upload their images to websites, social media platforms, and marketplaces.

Why Product Images?
Product Images are the lifeblood of any e-commerce business, but the time it takes to prepare product images for online platforms can delay retailers from stacking their digital shelves. Be that going live with new websites, or updating new products on existing websites and marketplaces. Stock on warehouse shelves costs money; stock on digital shelves creates money.

Increase Sales- Images are the sales staff of your online store. They engage your customer and good images on a product page will encourage more time onsite. Increase time on your website by 35 seconds and you will increase conversions by 10%. (Wolfgang Digital 2017 eCommerce KPI Benchmark Study)
Reduce Returns- Return rates online can be up to 1/3. 22% of returns are due to the product appearing different in person (Shopify). Good and varied product images ensure the customer can really “see” the product they are buying thus reducing any surprise on delivery.

What’s the Challenge?
Images are Time Consuming- While you may have access to large batches of brand/manufacturer images you only put 1 angle to your website as you don’t have the time and resources to prepare more than one image for upload.
Images Can Reduce Sales- Uploading incorrectly sized images (too large) can severely impact page load time. Load time directly impacts conversions. Reduce page load time by 0.37 seconds to increase conversions by 10%. (Wolfgang Digital 2017 eCommerce KPI Benchmark Study)

What’s The Solution?
Mypicdrop has been established to help Irish e-commerce retailers succeed online. Their services speed up the process of getting products ready to sell online by providing a batch image editing service for retailers, web developers, and digital marketing agencies. Send over your images and have them sent back to you ready for upload.

The Services:
Mypicdrop offer the following services:
1. Prepare product images for new websites, social media, and platforms such as Amazon, eBay etc.
2. Resize and rename product images when migrating to a new web platform.
3. Support the weekly, monthly, seasonal, or annual upload of new products to your website.
4. Work with web developers and digital marketing agencies to help their clients succeed online.

Packages start at €49.99+ VAT for resizing 500 images into as many sizes and formats as you need.

Call Karina on 086 0490521 or email enquiry@mypicdrop.com to discuss best solution for your needs.

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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