Smacht 2.0

A Programme for Business Owners that covers Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Succession

52 Weeks to cover Leadership & , Marketing & Sales, Finance & Succession, in your business

Challenge yourself, be accountable, do this sprint for one year and be prepared for your business marathon. Expert industry guides and peer to peer learning make this an injection of growth fuel for you and your business that will set the foundation for the next few years.

Without a solid plan and a system for your business, you ‘are’ the business and it owns you. In 52 weeks, get the original business you dreamed of, rather than the job you ended up with. Work on your value proposition and find the right target market for you. One that is profitable and sustainable. Stop chasing sales and start delivering value to raving fans. Once you package your offering, answer all the questions, prove the product, deliver true value, people will buy, without you having to sell. Learn how to craft your messaging and optimise the right advertising mediums, to drive your sales.

Who is it for?

Successful candidates or Smachtees are business owners or managers who want to plan for the future, to have a set of strategies that will deliver the results in that plan. These Smachtees are self starters, motivated, succesful and determined. They want to make a difference, to deliver something of value, to grow both their business and themselves personally. They want guidance, feedback and constructive criticism from guides and peers. They want to learn how to do things better, how to innovate and manage well, to handle clients and staff, to market and sell. And they want to help their peers in the group to do the same.

What is the format of Smacht 2.0

1 – One to many at the start and at the end of the programme for 4 hours. The first half day is the introduction to the programme, a chance to meet your peers on the programme and have a discussion about the plans for your business. The second half day is at the end of the period and is the celebration of the sprint. You will present to your peers and show the progress you made.
6 – One to Ones in person with a recognised industry guide covering Leadership, Marketing and Finance. Usually two of each depending on the specific requirements of your own business in real time. Starting with a Baseline audit and the setting of targets, then ending with your individual presentation on stage to declare how you have fared.
1 – Peer Webinar a week for one hour for 12 months on varying topics – a chance to learn from the guides and your fellow Smachtees
1 – Facebook Group for peer learning from the guides and your fellow Smachtees
1 – Video Library of videos from the guides covering popular topics, from leadership to sales, networkingg to public speaking.

High level review or assessment to set a baseline score
Recommendations on how to plan for succession and how to manage the business day to day
Review at 26 weeks

Marketing & Sales
Audit of your overall web presence
Recommendations on your web presence, your marketing tactics and your client acquisition and retention
Review at 26 weeks

Finance & Succession
Audit of your financials
Recommendations for improving cash flow, financing growth, debt collection and tax
Review at 26 weeks

Limited to 12 people in a group

Investment – up to 60 hours of your time and e10,000 or e1000 a month for 12 payments.

  • Option to remain in the Facebook Group on an ongoing basis for just e99 per month, with no need for any contract. If it adds value for you, stay. If you grow out of it, go. No pressure and you are always welcome back at any time.


Testimonial – Smacht changed my life totally, taking me from overworked, depressed, slave to the business to non  executive Chairman of my very own successful business.  Francis

Testimonial – Smacht help me grow my business turnover by 100% and doubled the profit margin. Stephen

Testimonial – Smacht is the ***t. Jane 

Payment options

Pay €10,000 up front or pay as you go €1000 monthly to avoid taking any perceived risk.

Smacht – The Promoters, the Programme, the People and the Results

The Smacht programme has been running for over 10 years and has delivered results to over 400 businesses. The founder is Padraic O’Maille a serial entrepreneur. He has a profitable business and has been self employed for over 30 years. He has founded businesses and sold them on, and has come up with great ideas for a business that never got off the ground. He has worked more hours in a week than makes sense and has made loads of mistakes. But he survived and succeeded, against the ‘odds’. And those ‘odds’ were not the economy, the product, the clients or the finance. The ‘odds’ were the way he ran the businesses for so many years. That experience and how he tweaked the approach, is the key to how he can help you work on your business rather than in it. His devotion to helping other business owners find a better way faster is why Smacht exists. This is his why’ and he loves helping Smachtees get the life they want to live.

Save yourself a fortune of time and money, by finding out the lessons learned from 30 years experience, honing a business, to get it right. You too could learn as you go, for 30 years, or you could learn from the learnings in just 52 weeks. Real world advice and guidance from people like you, who dared to dream and paid the price, until they got it right. No basic theory here, no supposition or proposition, no lectures or diplomas, just real hands on direction that is customised to your specific business.

Not everybody who signs up will stick the pace or invest the effort required. But, to date over 90% of all Smacht participants have survived a recession and many have reached that elusive goal of owning a business rather than working for one. These people are happy to talk about their Smacht experiences and many are in our private Facebook group.

Results include a business that runs when the owner is away, having a sales system that brings in the right client enquiries and a production process that delivers on its promise, to a point where current clients refer future clients. A good business not only benefits the owner, it also benefits the community in which it operates. Many participants who have succeeded give back to their community and are a positive force for good.

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