Tips on Life

MeanIT Life Hacks

1. Enjoy the ride and everything you do
2. Be grateful if you have good health, family, food and friends
3. Spend your time positive people only
4. Ignore the naysayers, begrudgers and sceptics
5. Network, mingle, mix,listen and learn

6. Set measurable, achievable realistic,goals/targets
7. Integrity – live 100% by your code of ethics, standards and have no regrets
8. Innovate and grow continually, to find better ways to do things and to be a better you that develops all the time. Read or listen to good material
9. Shop wholesale – find real value by looking for 20% off every purchase
10. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, to know that you are pushing the boundaries and growing

Productivity Tips

1. Write it all down – everything. What you did or said or agreed to and what you have to do. Memory gets more and more short term, so do not depend on it.
2. 2 Minute rule – if it can be done in two minutes get the task done and out of the way – bundle these little tasks together
3. 5 Minute focus – give the bigger tasks 5 concerted minutes and see what can be done
4. 30 Minute segment – focus, focus, focus and get through the jobs that need to be done, with procrastination
5. Let phone go to answering machine, listen regularly and prepare the answer before calling back
6. Eat the Frog or Bite the Bullet but get the one thing done – what is important now – do it.
7. Smacht, Disipline, Habits – call it what you like, but do it religiously – practice and make it natural
8. Delegate – let someone capable do the task
9. Walk, exercise, sleep, eat well and take care of that body
10. BREATHE – it works, focus on it and use it to stay calm – inhale, exhale inh…