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Useful Web Tools Free or Cheap

Google Analytics – Allows you see what traffic is visiting your site and what they view. A unique identifier code is added to your website – read our introduction here.

MeanIT Web ToolsSEO Keyword tool  – How many peole search your Keywords, monthly, daily and how much would it cost to advertise them in Google Adwords. Plan your Budget in advance

Google Adwords – Advertise with Google – spend your Budget and measure the performance

Google Webmaster Tools – Toolkit for website health

Google Calendar – Organise yourself and the team

Google Drive – Create and Share documents, letters, spreadsheets etc




Social Media ToolsMeanIT Social Media Tools

Picasa – Organise, edit and share your photos

Evernote – Digital Wallet for storing notes and snippets of text, audio or images Read our Introduction

Pinterest – post your Pics collections

Instagram – Share your photos

WhatsApp – Message your mates in real time – Free

Twitter – Tell the world in 140 Characters

Google+ – Make Friends on the G+ platform

Facebook – Social Distraction that has some marketing benefits

Buffer – schedule your posts

Hootsuite – Likewise schedule your posts

TweetDeck – schedule your tweets

PicCollage – edit your pics

Clicktale – Too big at present to buy in to

Screaming Frog – SEO Spider that gives you a site report showing weaknesses

iPadpeek – see how your site looks in an iPad view

MailChimp – send better email  See our Intro here

Business AppsMeanIT Business Apps

Salesforce – Sales Team Management tool – Read our Introduction here

Freshbooks – Low Cost Cloud Accounting option   Read our Introduction here

Teamworkpm – Project Collaboration tool   Read our Introduction here

Basecamp – Project Collaboration tool

Dropbox – Free Cloud file storage Read Introduction here

Mailchimp – email marketing tool Read Introduction here


If your online business is not making money, it can only be because you have too little traffic, conversion or profit. Fixing the issue may not be simple, but there is no choice. Get the right product as in one that will sell, at a reasonable profit, then get a decent platform and tweak the content, the calls to action or the processes. Now, all that takes time, so we try to recommend some FREE or Low Cost Apps to help you manage your online or offline business. Some Apps you will recognise and others will be new.



Do you want more traffic?

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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