Website Design for Accountants – what do you need?

Tips and advice for planning good Website Design for Accountants, depending on what you want from the web.


Every Accountancy Practice will have its own priorities/needs

Professional – You may not need any more clients, but want to have a professional accountants or auditors website design when someone Googles you (and they do).

Leads – You may want more business, but you only want a certain type of client, such as Manufacturers or Professional Services. So the website needs to attract that target market segment, maybe specifically managing Payroll or Tax Returns and advice, etc.

Time – You may want to save valuable time on repetitive phone calls by answering frequently asked questions on your website. You may want to allow people to ask questions 24/7 via a website enquiry form.

Recruitment – Attract high-quality accountancy staff who are searching for a suitable accountants practice. How do you look when these people search for accountant websites in their area?

Social – You may want a single place on the web where you have a Blog about thigs like Company Secretarial Advice or have all your Social Media integrated.

Help – You may not know what you want, but just want to discuss it. Have a chat with us, for a no obligation complimentary 30 minutes consultation to get some direction and answers. Get in touch here. We are not right for everyone, so let’s find out if we are a good fit for you.



10 tips and 10 questions to help you get your financial advisers website design right.

1. CMS
– Get a website that is built in a CMS Content Management System, which makes it easy to edit. Content is King, it will decide your success on the net, so create it, add it, curate it and make yourself stand out as an Authority on ‘matters financial’. You are the best person to produce good original content, do not leave its creation to someone else, unless they are competent in your field. Blog posts from Vendors will not cut it.
2. Blocks – Get a website that is Modular, so that you can move elements around without needing a Developer again. For example, add or move a scrolling Testimonials module on the Home page yourself or move it to your About page, or add a video to a blog item.
3. Open Source – use a platform that is open source such as WordPress and allows you to move from one web partner to another if ever needed. Avoid a one-man band, someone who offers to be everything, planner, designer, developer, digital marketer. How may financial advisers have just one person employed to do everything?
4. Financial Advisers Website Design Theme – Get a website that is theme-based, so that you can change the whole design theme without having to create a new website. Also, this makes it easier for you to move to a new web Partner. Avoid basic HTML developers who have to make every code change for you – at a price, in time delay, and money.
5. Custom Design: Plan your Branding, colours, content, and CTAs before or when talking to a Web Developer, if how you look online is important to you to build your brand. Think Grant Thornton, OSK, KPMG, Deloitte, Mazars, and so on. custom graphic design is very much recommended.
6. Navigation – Make Navigation simple, intuitive, stand out, and logically show which financial services you specialise in.
7. Blog – Show off your knowledge, experience, and useful info from the financial industry. Try Guest Blogging or answering financial advice questions in forums!
8. Social integration – Tie in all your Blogging, Social Media, and Advertising to your website content and draw people to the website at every opportunity – they might just connect with you by asking a question.
9. Maintenance – Bear in mind a website, like a car, has to be maintained and updated. It needs constant attention, security updates & patches, cleaning, plugins, software updates, apps updates, and useful add-ons.But most of all it requires useful, helpful content or advice to engage with visitors, to help promote your practice.
10. Budget for a spend in Year 1 for the design, branding, photography, CMS website, advertising, digital marketing, etc and then do a new budget for year 2 for building on that platform. The higher the spend the higher and faster the return – GUARANTEED ! (if done well)

Three Takeaways in Web Design for Financial Advisers:
1. Get a good web design agency partner, pay them to be supportive – establish an ongoing relationship in the same way a company would do with their Finance or other key suppliers. It is fractional or outsourced qualified labour that keeps itself educated and trained to be ready to support you when you need them.
2. Treat this website project like opening a new office. How much would that cost? How much attention would you give it? Build what you need rather than buy something off the shelf at a set price.
3. Most small web agencies are not good at MultiTasking. Chances are you need a 1.Domain Registrar, 2. Hosting Company, 3. Web Graphic Designer, 4. Web Developer and 5. Digital Marketer.

The good news is – a website can promote your financial advisory practice, show you with a professional look, get you found in Google search, showcase your work, show your testimonials, make appointments, take deposit payments online, answer questions, allow Client access and manage contacts through a CRM. Web is the future – will you embrace it now?

Now you know the brief! What is your next step? Answer these questions below. You may want to know the ballpark investment required, so there is a guideline below the questions. But talk to us about your own specific requirements for your web design for financial advisers.


Ten good opening questions for you before building your Financial practice website:

1. Why do you want a website for your Financial Advisory?

2. Do you need a website at all?

3. What kind of website do you need? Is it just a simple brochure site or a more informative one or a Blog?

4. Who is the Target Market for your financial advice?

5. Who will create the website for you? Why choose that web design agency as your trusted partner?

6. Who will manage it, support & maintain it and train you?

7. Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy? How will you use this new website?

8. How much business do you expect from your web presence?

9. How will you measure success or your return on any website investment?

10. What other questions come to mind for you – every Client has specific requirements for their target market?

Answer these questions for yourself and you will be in a good position to start talking to a web design agency.

Some frequently asked questions and answers about Financial Advisers websites :

What does a good CMS Financial Advisers Website Design Cost?

CMS Business Website Design Costs for a Financial Advisory

From €250 to €350 per page up depending on which modules are required – Get a Free quote now. Every website project is different, so talk to us about yours, so that we can give you a proper quote.

  • Content Management System, Initial Content Entry for initial 10 or so pages, (add unlimited pages yourself free), Attachment Management, Image Gallery, SEO Tools, Google Maps, YouTube, Preview Mode, Query Form, Video Tutorial, Website Statistics and Manual
  • Business Website Design Template subject to choice of Client or Designer
  • Monthly Support & Maintenance Options if required: Agree a monthly support plan to cover website updates, server support, and any edit requests etc or just pay the Ad Hoc hourly rate. Monthly Support
  • We work with your budget and your cash flow #gettingbusinessonline

Optional Business Website items or add ons offered

    • Content Creation – do you want us to write it for you
    • Content editing – can you edit your own text
    • SEF – making pages Search Engine Friendly
    • Image – Producing, sizing, adding to website
    • Downloads – any pdfs, guides, ebooks etc
    • Google Map – adding location pins
    • YouTube Video – adding and optimising video
    • Google Analytics – set up reporting in Dashboard
    • Google My Business – We can set this up or optimise it for you

If required, we can also refer Clients to industry Specialised SEO or Online Digital Marketing specialists for Enterprise eCommerce sites. Or we can use our tools to drive your business and get higher conversion rates. Good ‘Independent’ honest advice for you, is our way of doing things – no exceptions.

How long will the project take?

The planning takes one week. The design usually takes two weeks, plus any delay due to revisions at your end. The Development takes two weeks from the time we receive your website content, written and photographic. Then a week to optimise and test, so usually between 4 to 8 weeks.

Could you please clarify who will be doing the work?

Our own team based here in Ireland, mainly Donegal. We do not offshore our work The developers and project managers are team members on the web design agency payroll. The designers are all local and hired per project, as they all have different styles. We match the right graphic designer with your project. All website are custom designed for you individually. We do not even offshore SEO, as our SEOs are also on the staff.

Will it be responsive and optimised for mobile viewing?

Yes, we actually design for mobile first viewing and then make desktop work too. Mobile page load speed is very important, especially since Google introduced Web Core Vitals, as an important ranking factor since May 2021.

How many pages do you need?

This depends on how many services you want to promote. It could be as low as 5 and as high as you like or need. How may financial advice services do you offer? Add Home, About, Contact and News

Who provides the written content and photos for the website?

You do. We can get written content done for you by a writer. And we can buy photos for you too if you need them. However when it comes to Financial Advice, you are the expert.

Where will my website be hosted?

We do not sell or resell hosting. It is too important to be used as a way of making a little side profit. We recommend suitable WordPress hosting for your specic WordPress requirements. The hosting, like your domain name, should be in your name and on your credit card – much like the deeds of your house.

Do we need a blog?

No, you do not. However we often recommend having one. This is to allow you add supporting content for your main financial advice service pages. If you have a service page called Critical Illness Cover, then why not write a supporting blog article about what is required to get the best deal in Critical Illness cover. Or what are the typical charges are in relation to Critical Illness cover.

Will we be able to update our new website after it is delivered?

Yes, absolutely. We will set you up as a User. And we will provide you with a Website User Manual. Plus you can book training with us as often as required. The website is a Content Management System and is designed to allow you add, edit or delete content.

Do you offer any kind of guarantees or warranty on your work?

Yes. Unusually for our industry, we do in fact stand over our work. We agree targets. We even offer money back because we only take on projects where we know we can add value to Financial Advisors. We have never had to give any form of warranty refund. And why not talk to Pascal or Gwen or any of our clients.

Guideline costs involved in creating a Financial Advisors website

Essentials Website

Get a clean, fast, mobile friendly, custom designed website that ticks all the boxes. By focusing on the essentials we can get you an online presence that makes a big positive impact on your business without investing a fortune initially. Build your brand and grow your audience with a Mobile-friendly, WordPress website typically 5 to 10 pages, along with all the training provided, so you can grow your site yourself over time, adding content and Search Engine Optimisation to get you found

Best suited for:

Small firms, practices or businesses, who need a high quality custom design website without needing any large initial investment, but a platform that they can build upon over time.

Intended to get you online and give you a platform to start building your brand.

Includes Brief or Plan & Wireframe or Layout, Custom Graphic Design, Website Development of typically 5 to 10 pages and Training.

From €4,500

Optional items include: Keyword Research/Planning/Mapping, Initial SEO Search Engine Optimisation, Monthly Support Plan and ongoing SEO services.

Custom Website

Let us get you noticed with a totally custom designed, fast loading website built to your specific needs. Then we can engage your target audience with unique page layouts perfect for feature content and focused landing pages. Training is provided with this custom designed WordPress website, typically 10 to 30 pages – this allows you to make all the changes you want.  And we can add in the critical Search Engine Optimisation, so your website ranks well in Google. Plus a full written plan to follow..

Best suited for:

Medium-sized firms, practices or businesses who need a quality custom website and a marketing plan along with some ongoing help every month

Intended to make you more effective online and build upon your brand at a steady pace.

Includes Brief or Plan & Wireframe or Layout, Custom Graphic Design, Website Development of typically 10 to 20 pages and Training.

From €6,000

Optional items include: Keyword Research/Planning/Mapping, Initial SEO Search Engine Optimisation, Monthly Support Plan and ongoing SEO services.

Strategic Website

You probably have an underperforming website, but realise you need a better web presence. One that will consistently generates the ideal leads and work you really want.
However, you do not have the team time to be doing all this digital marketing stuff. So you want some professional help.

Lets start with a meeting and then write up a digital strategy or plan, to ensure we set some agreed goals or targets.

Best suited for:

Growth focused medium to large firms or practices, who want to outsource all the website management and digital marketing responsibility to a competent, reliable Irish team, who will generate the new business. This allows your team to focus on what you do best.

Includes Brief or Plan & Wireframe or Layout, Custom Graphic Design, Website Development of typically 20 to 100 pages and Training.

From €9,500

Optional items include: Keyword Research/Planning/Mapping, Initial SEO Search Engine Optimisation, Monthly Support Plan and ongoing SEO services.