What is Webucation?

Your website can be used to educate or inform your clients or potential customers, with useful information about your company, your products or services and your conditions.

  1.  List details of offerings, be it a service or productMeanIT Webucation
  2.  Blog items can help inform people and highlight your prowess in any given area or field of endeavour.
  3.  Manuals can be delivered vis your website, that are editable digital versions, so that they can be kept up to date.
  4.  FAQs – lets you answer the obvious questions and keep them updated.
  5.  Forums – allow clients or potential customers ask questions and debate online.
  6.  Calendar – of events or launches etc will inform th emarket whwre and when you are doing something.
  7.  Results- Publicise results, financial reports or notes where thwy can be seen by all.
  8.  Members area – create a digital space for members to see their “stuff” or engage with each other.
  9.  Instant chat or feedback – allow visitors ask questions and get answers back immediately
  10.  Present education in the form of images or video to help train or explain

A well managed website is the most useful tool for educating your audience as well as promoting your company.

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