Charities Regulatory Authority
In April Minister Alan Shatter appointed a Board for the Charities Regulatory Authority who had their first meeting in May with Minister Frances Fitzgerald announcing that the Authority will be formally set up in October with Conor Woods of the CCAI as Chairman.

MeanIT Charities Regulatory AuthorityThis is a move designed to help reestablish credibility in so many hard working, ethical, charity groups which had been lost because of the actions of a few, whose actions brought a very important area in to disrepute. All the media coverage of the actions of the few was leading to a reduction in giving at a time when it is hard to encourage and so badly needed. Irish people are so good at giving, but need to know that their donations are to be used well, to make a difference.

The responsibility of the new Authority is crucial to driving support for beleagured charities who are having to work even harder now to create trust and to revitalise fundraising by the many many people who work so hard for their chosen charity. These people need to know that their Charity is compliant, transparent and dedicated, so that they can do their bit. In turn their Charity wants to be seen as just that and there for the benefit of sufferers, and supporters.

The Authority is tasked with increasing trust and confidence in charities, promoting compliance, creating a Charities Register, monitoring and investigation where necessary.

The Board Members are:

Chairperson Conor Woods, Accountant/Senior Statutory Auditor

Ordinary Members:
David Brady, Accountant/Advisor to Charity Sector
Katie Cadden, Solicitor, former legal advisor to PRTB
Sandra Chambers, Tax Specialist
Cynthia Clampett,CEO Mayo Roscommon Hospice
Anna Classon, Head of Fundraising RNLI
Tom Costello, Programme Executive, Atlantic Philanthropies
Patricia Cronin, Solicitor, Vice Chair Transparency Ireland
Fergus Finlay, Chief Executive, Barnardos
Ann Fitzgerald, Barrister, Board member Cork Simon
Patrick Hopkins, Company Secretary Enterprise Ireland
Hugh Maddock, Organiser/Fundraiser for Rehab Group
Barbara O’Connell, CEO, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland
Graham Richards, Charity Commissioner
Senan Turnbull, Chair, Think Ahead Advisory Committee
Noel Wardick, International Programs-Consultant, CBM Ireland

CEO Ms. Úna Ní Dhubhghaill. 11 other staff members.

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