What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization”. It covers how you use keywords, your content, your adwords campaigns and Social Media integration to share and be found for your content.

Should I pay for Search Engine Optimization ?


Every website built should be submitted to the top search engines. However, simply submitting does not mean that your site will rank at the top of a search engine when a user searches for content related to your site. A lot of work and research goes into getting your website ranking highly. SEO specialists are experienced and should have proven success in Search Engine Optimization, so talk about what you need to do to manage your FREE marketing on the web or who can do it for you. We recommend using good independent SEO & Marketing Partners, at least initially, until you understand what needs to be done.

Why would I use SEO ?

If you want to increase traffic to your site you will need to understand the importance of how SEO works.
If you want your online venture to be successful, you need an effective technical and marketing plan which, should include SEO.
For companies looking to conduct business online and establish an online presence, search engine optimization is paramount.
SEO is the perfect way to drive qualified customers directly to a website via search engines and directories.
For smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets, SEO is a cost-effective alternative to high-priced offline advertising like getting posters and flyers printed up or advertising in newspapers and magazines.
Larger companies already recognise that SEO is becoming increasingly important as customers use search engines to shop online or to look for information about products and services or companies. The web is the window for people to browse, search and do price comparison or other research before buying. Most buying decisions are made after browsing, then the purchase may be on or off line.
With Google AdWords you can reach people when they are actively looking for your products and services. That means you receive targeted visitors and customers. Cost-per-click pricing means you only pay when people click on your advert and it is easy to control costs. http://www.google.ie/ads/

What does SEO or SEM cost ?

Time, just time, so you can use your own time or pay independent experienced qualified people who can use your website and web presence to do your SEO for you. These people can get to your Target Market and show you measurable results. The good news is that you can now advertise effectively to your own chosen Target Market and measure the return on your investment. What a great leap forward for all businesses, big or small.

Tip: Read more about how to make SEO work for you and what it costs Click here
Tip: Page Title limit it to 70 Characters and limit Meta Description 150 Characters. Add Keywords for good measure

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Types of SEO explained – Search Engine Optimisation techniques

Primary SEO  – Search Engine Optimisation for your website:

“Buying a website without search engine optimization is like spending your entire budget on a commercial without buying any air time to show it to the world “

SEO recommendations and changes to optimize your website content, every page, for your target market to attract and convert more visitors. To have people stay on your site and buy something or contact you. Just like a bricks and mortar store, the window attracts visitors, so make the display and the messaging appealing.

We look at the history of your business, any web presence and your competition to plan a personalised approach to optimise your website

  • Technical SEO Audit – we check for technical errors such as bad forms,301 redirects,sitemap, duplicate content,error 404 issues,lack of image Alt tags, bad image size or format and broken or unfriendly links.
  • SEO Keyword Research – Using Google Keyword tool we find and use the most logical keywords for your business and locality.
  • SEO Keyword Selection –Using the right Keywords we will place them in the correct pages
  • Content SEO Recommendations – creation of useful content where specific keywords need to be used
  • Meta Tags Creation – Website Title Tag, Meta Tag Description,Page Title, H1 & H2 Tags and Image Tags & Alt Tags for each page.
  • Additional On Site SEO Changes – We will check or create a logical XML sitemap and user friendly URL structure of your website.
  • Implementation of SEO Changes – We can recommend the changes and allow you or your webmaster make the changes.
  • Link list – we generate a list of all inbound links to your website to ensure they are good quality or find useful new links to use

Secondary SEO – SEO Link Building and web promotion or Online or Digital Marketing:

Develop a strategy to include:

  • Online Marketing & Publicity: Creation and distribution of news or content.
  • Social Networking: Registration and populating of any useful mediums such as Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest or Trip Advisor etc. If people share your content it will rank higher in search.
  • Localised Search: Creation of business listings in the top local or logical portals & directories.
  • Blog Commenting: Create and populate your Blog or online news publication.
  • YouTube & Flickr Image & Video Marketing: Creation of acounts to allow you to promote business related video or images.
  • Associations,Society and Industry Website or portals: Add entries to industry portals.
  • Content Writing and Marketing: We can create material to attract and convert visitors.
  • Graphics: We can produce Graphics and Info Graphics as well as video content
  • Pay per click or Cost per click options researched and set up with tracking if deemed worthwhile
  • Backlink – where they make sense from authority sites. Links are votes of confidence in your content.
  • Logical creative CTAs calls to action.

Proof: Independent Reporting from Google Analytics will show you how well your site is working as a result of work done by us. The work is ongoing and is billed by the hour. Results are ongoing and can be measured to show that any investment generates good returns. Talk to us about what you want to achieve via the web.

OnSite SEO is just making sure that robots or search engine crawlers or people can browse through your website with ease, that it is well structured, laid out and connecting or linking internally. Which pages should robots crawl and not crawl. Whilst robots are important, write content for humans and be aware of scenario based search versus keyword based search. People ask an actual question, rather than simply entering a key word or two. People are using speech search more and more, so they will ask a question of Siri or Cortana as they would ask each other.
OnPage SEO is simply where we ensure that we have a logical page title and good relevant unique content and it is easy to see what the page is about, as in the main targeted Keyword Phrase eg: What is SEO ? – add Meta Description and Keywords for good measure and Alt tags to images, plus linking obvious words in text to related articles. Focus on just one term or phrase per page, mentioning it in the Title, Headers and content. Right wording, placement and relevance will keep a visitor reading. If you are using a plugin such as Yoast, watch their video tutorial.
OffPage having people mention your site content and share the link in their own site. You can have clients or followers, forums or blogs link to your content. When you share useful content, people will share via Twitter or Facebook and link to the content from their own sites.
Speed How fast does your website deliver – Check it FREE at http://gtmetrix.com/ or http://www.webpagetest.org/  and ensure that the speed is good as in 3 to 5 seconds, for people viewing from the geographic area where you want to be found. Remember the web page has a multiple of elements, modules like articles or images etc.
Browser compatibility – Check that your website delivers well in all Browsers and ideally all versions of browsers.
Mobile Friendly It should go without saying that your site should be responsive, mobile friendly and deliver well on a Smart phone.
CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation – This is just studying the data and doing Split or A/B Testing to increase conversion, to help you get the right traffic and elicit the best response from that traffic. It is generally NOT a numbers game and even if it is for you, the cost of buying traffic is going up, so why not try to improve the organic conversion. Useful tools include David Darmanins Hotjar and Crazy Egg, help you see what visitors do on your website, where they drag their mouse and where they read – Heatmapping.

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