Business Website Designers 

Creating Opportunity and Reducing Risk

We help ‘Professional Services Businesses’ to be effective online to get the customers they really want….do the work they like to do and make the margin they deserve to make…

What we do for you is really simple – for us. We use web based marketing tools we understand well, to help clients look professional online, compete with other firms, save time and recruit staff, generate enquiries or sales.…”
* Financial * Legal * Construction
More clients for a legal practice, more couples for an architects practice or for a builder, people who want quality professional services from quality professional practitioners.
*Hundreds of Websites Designed  *20 Years Experience  *Results Guaranteed

Who are you?

What can we do for you? See our web design work, our case studies and testimonials, to see if you like what we do. We live by word of mouth from happy clients and we stand over our work. Contact us with your questions and let us know how we can help you.

Book a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Michael 086 2510117 to see if we are a good fit for each other. We only work with Professional Services Businesses, mainly Financial or Legal or Construction Services. We will never try to sell you something that does not add more value for you. Whatever we say we mean it.

Who are we?


“Creating opportunities for growth-minded clients in Ireland” Inventive | Reliable | Trustworthy.

Business Website Designers, Michael MacGinty the Donegal connection & Edel MacGinty the Dublin connection, plus a team of Irish web designers and Irish web developers, Irish digital marketers, and Irish account managers.

With offices in Donegal and Dublin, we have happy clients nationwide, some for over 10 years. Michael is a well-known speaker, author, and coach on how to use the web to grow a business as a Financial Advisor or Solicitor or Builder.

He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant. Edel is a QFA, is our Financial Controller, and the real Boss. Our degree qualified web Developers are all based in Edel_MacGinty-1Donegal or Dublin in Ireland. Check out our 5* Google Reviews. “It is not about the tools, it is about the talent using the tools”.


We do NOT offshore your web design or development, so you get qualified local backup and website support when you need it. We want to employ two more local Donegal or Irish residents every year. We help about 40 new clients a year and want to look after our current clients really well on an ongoing basis – it is that simple. We love doing what we do. So, our main challenge is to ensure that we are profitable doing what we do as business website designers, to ensure that we are always here when our clients need our help.

What do we do as Business Website Designers?

Our aim is generally to find out who you serve, what is the problem you solve, then communicate that message to the target audience. Then it just a case of determining who is responsible for the roles Marketing, Sales, Delivery and Support, so that we can help the process move smoothly, by ensuring we understand your firm.

We make the web work for professional services business owners who want to be as professional online as they are offline……. We Plan, Design, Develop, Deliver, Market, Train and Maintain web solutions for our clients. Our work offers a great return on any investment by you – we guarantee it.
Our main job as business website designers is to create the sort of web presence that delivers the type of leads or results that you want to get, so we are totally customer focused.
Skills – 20 years experience & degree qualified web developers.
Experience – Hundreds of projects done see our web design work and loads of happy clients see the reviews.
Creativity – Voted #1 Web Design Agency in the North West.
Nominated and finalist in Best Professional Services Awards by Chamber of Commerce.

Why do we do business website design?

We are committed to helping people grow their business on the web, which in turn, grows ours. We earnestly believe we can help most professional services companies grow their market locally, but also possibly use the web to reach a much wider audience.

We love the web and what it can do for you. Whilst we do have clients in USA and Canada, France and UK, our focus is on Irish businesses and particularly Donegal or Dublin based businesses, as we want to generate more jobs in our own community. As full time business website designers we totally geek out on all this web stuff.  #Lovetalkingbusiness.  We commit to continuous professional development and web is our area of expertise  – tell us about yours?

How do we do it?

In Web design since pre 2000, we have over 20 years experience as business website designers. We use that earned knowledge to help our clients use the web to generate leads and sales or improve efficiency, recruit staff, save time or compete better.

All our Developers are degree qualified and also have years of industry experience. And we all do Continuous Professional Development, as in about 4 to 8 hours a week. The sum of our team experience is available to help you succeed on the web. Read Michael’s personal story here.

Our Process of business website design

If we are a good fit for you, we talk, we meet, then we have 4 initial key steps:
1. Write up a Brief or plan, including some of your goals and create a sitemap
2. Then build a Wireframe or Prototype to show a proposed layout
3. Create a Custom Graphic Design or Mockup of your website
4. Then build the website based on these approved stages.

Technically we can usually build the website in one week, maybe two, but the whole process usually takes 4 to 6 or 8, depending on the client and the content required. See our full process in all 10 step detail here.

Who do we do it for?

Successful professional Financial, Construction and Legal services businesses that want to grow bigger, increase sales, save on labour costs, be more professional online or offer a better service to their clients.
Typically our web design clients will be profitable, employ 5 or more people, be Professionals such as Solicitors and Accountants, Architects and Builders. Some are in Manufacturing or Distribution. Ambitious, with an existing turnover between €500,000 and €2,500,000 looking to increase annual revenue by 10% to 100%.
See some recent case studies here.
Disclaimer: We do not work in Enterprise, Life Science, eCommerce  Retail or Hospitality.

What problem do we solve?

Most people do NOT want a website, they want something that a website can possibly deliver, such as more customers, more sales, time saved etc. Solicitors may want to specialise in certain legal services. Accountants may want to get certain industry clients such as Hotels or Doctors. Architects may want adventurous clients and Builders may want commercial or residential clients. Some customers just want to make it easier for their customers to get answers to questions or get access to documents or courses.

How do we differ from ‘competitors’?

In theory, anybody with a computer can create a website, just like anybody with a calculator can count. Anyone with a pen and paper can draw houses or draw up contracts. Our industry is quite new and it can be hard to know which web design agency to choose. But lets face it, you would not take legal advice from a kid, or tax advice from a student or allow someone with no track record manage your pension. You would not let a junior doctor operate on your mother or fly with an unqualified pilot to get a cheap holiday. People generally know what they are getting. Any decison made on the basis of lowest price, will usually deliver predictable results.

We do stand out as business website designers because of all our years in business, all the happy customers we have and the fact that we are so qualified, as well as being so experienced.

And if that was not enough, we only work with people when we genuinely feel that we can add value or give them a good return on any investment. We live by word of mouth referrals. We do not just want your money, we do want a part of the extra profit we make for you. It is that simple. If you choose to go with someone who costs less, then be prepared to get an amateur or a developer who does not understand business and who will deliver less. Before deciding, have a complimentary 30 minute chat with us – no commitment for either of us, just an exploratory chat.

10 Reasons to work with MEANit Web Design Agency

Donegal Focus with a Dublin slant

We do not apologise for having a big ‘Donegal’ focus (or a Dublin slant). Most of us are from or live in the county. All of us want a better future for our kids in Donegal, the most remote county in the country, the one with the poorest infrastructure and the one that is said to be “The Coolest Place on the Planet” National Geographic. Whilst we meet many of our clients in Raheny or Dublin, Derry or further afield, we also welcome many to our Donegal office. ‘Up here it’s just different‘. Nowadays it is all on Zoom or Teams.

We would dearly love to add more people to our web design team here in Dublin or Donegal and are open to talking to anyone with related skills who can add value for our clients. You could employ a full time ‘web’ person and you might get lucky.  Or just outsource that work to us as a web design team to do on your behalf, whenever you need us.

Goals for next 10 years

1. Help guide and support 300 Irish business owners/managers by 2030, to be more effective online and get the clients they really want, then do the work they want to do to help live the life they want to live.
2. Train ourselves to continually stay on top of changes in any web technologies that affect these clients in order to continually support them well
3. Employ 2 more people in Ireland every year to support these 300 Irish business websites. These clients in turn employ more people every year. We help generate those jobs – pretty cool!

Core Values – CELEGGS

We exist to Connect, Empower, Lead, Educate, Guide, Grow and Support our Clients

Brand Promises

Quality production, friendly, honest, on time, ease of use, great support, trustworthy, dependable, good return on any investment – we MEANit


WP Elevation Certified with BSc Degree in Digital Technology and Design.

We continuously invest in our team Skillability, doing 4 to 8 hours each in Continuous Professional Development each week. We do courses and we do research and we test applications, platforms, plugins and anything that could help our own Clients.
We are people first, our team, our Clients and our suppliers. We are gender neutral and we are an equal opportunities employer.
We encourage good mental health in the workplace and we are involved in WP & Up, to support the good mental health of other WordPress developers.

Board of Advisers

We plan to create a board of advisers to help us with our growth plans, to ensure that we remain customer focused and to guarantee that the company will be here to look after our clients, regardless if any team members move on or retire. Our Company is being designed to be your asset and a great place to work for the long term.

What does it cost?

How can any investment benefit you? Just like building a house, we draw up the design plan with you before trying to estimate the financial requirement. But generally it is very simple, as it is usually either a small starter site or a proper business website. However, it is not just about getting a website, it is what you do with it that matters. We will deliver value well in excess of any investment by you – guaranteed! Call Michael now on 086 2510117 to book a 30 minute complimentary consultation, to see if we are a good fit for each other.

If you just want a simple guideline now on likely costs or investment for a good website, read this short article on pricing here.

Three web design options for you:  

1. DIY – We offer written FREE advice for anyone who wants to DIY build their own website. Read the Blog to get started. We make no secret about how we do things and happily share our knowledge to empower you

2. Done with you – We can work with you as we plan, design and develop your website and then show you how to use it to get the clients you really want. It gives us great joy to see clients make good use of the tools we give them. All you need is time.

3. Done for you – We can do it all for you as we plan, design and develop your website and then use it for you to get you the results you want, more clients, more sales etc. For many firms they simply do not currently have the time or staff to learn new processes, so they delegate some tasks to us. They know we understand the tools and we can use them efficiently and quickly to deliver results.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

As a team we are very happy to support our local commmunity as best we can. We do it by offering Internships to students, by supporting local Charities such as The Friends of Letterkenny Hospital and SVP and HHT Ireland based in Swords or WP & Up.

And we are founding members of Donegal Business Network and members at Donegal Women in Business Network and Donegal Dublin Business Network as well as being members of the Chamber of Commerce. Our focus is on employing people who live in Ireland and working with Professional Services Businesses based in Ireland.