WordPress Website Support Plan

Stop worrying about your WordPress Website

Your website should be crucial for your business, to generate good leads, customers or sales, staff or partners.

To work well 24/7 your website requires regular updating of software and maintenance of plugins, to ensure performance and security.

Although, you should not have to worry about this technical stuff. You have enough to be doing.

Make someone in-house responsible for these tasks. Or outsource the work to a reputable WordPress Web Agency like us.

Click the short intro video for more details on our WordPress Website Support Plan or find the best option for you below.

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Benefits of our WordPress website support plans

 Worry free, peace of mind for you

 Never touch your website backend technical stuff again with a Website Support Plan

 One point of contact for your website needs

 No long term contract required – one month at a time for as long as you are happy

 Submit any questions to our Ticket Desk without getting billed, with a Website Support Plan

 Insurance against downtime and emergencies – regular backups

Benefits of our website support plans

Worry free, peace of mind for you

Never touch your website backend technical stuff again with a Website Support Plan

One point of contact for your website needs

Submit any questions to our Ticket Desk without getting billed, with a Website Support Plan

Insurance against downtime and emergencies – regular backups

Bonus Benefits include:

Teamwork – Our monthly website support or maintenance plans come with a free Teamwork client account – your online project collaboration tool that lets you add tasks for us to do, record time, post To-Do messages, add documents, files, images, etc. This also records all our communication, queries, replies, comments and content.
Total Transparency – This way you can see when we do any work for you and what we do exactly, to the minute.

Dropbox – PLUS we create a free shared Dropbox folder for all your content.

Special Reduced Client Rates – Ad Hoc rates €75 – Normally €125

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What Our Website Support Plan Clients Say

Your support package allowed me to have peace of mind that our site was in safe hands so thanks again for the great service.

Patrick Keeney

Owner, Green Golf Travel

We are very happy with the website support service and would recommend it to anyone. I am happy to refer you to anyone who calls.
Allister Johnston

Owner, Johnstons Caravans

I would be not be without our Monthly Support, because I know exactly what can happen without it.
Paul Lynch

Owner, Global Tiles

It can be a tedious task if you’re doing it yourself or disastrous if you’re not doing it at all. Let our Experts take care of the details, so you can have more time to focus on what you do best!
We are ready to take care of your website.


What is included to support & help your business grow:
Secure & Fast Website Hosting Management
We help guide you to the most secure and suitable hosting for your website.
SSL Certificate
(All Plans)
Your website will be secure. You will be trusted by your customers & you will be in compliance with the new Google requirements.
Regular Backups
(All Plans)

Rest easy knowing that your sites are backed regularly, with the option of a one-click restoration available on pro, business & eCommerce plans.

Uptime Monitoring
(Pro, Business, Business Pro Plans)

We are monitoring your WordPress uptime, downtime & performance.
Core WordPress
(All Plans)

The latest WordPress updates will be tested on your site. We always ensure that you’re running the latest, most secure software to avoid any issues.

Themes & Plugins Updates
(All Plans)

We always ensure that you’re running the latest and most secure version of your themes & plugins to avoid any problems or hacks.

Security Monitoring & Checking
(Pro, Business, Business Pro Plans)

We provide server-level scanning & malware detection, as well as a real-time firewall protection against brute force attack or any other types of hacking.

WordPress Video Guides
(Pro, Business, Business Pro Plans)

When you work with us, you’ll get amazing support services from WordPress experts, and we’ll always try to exceed your expectations.

Monthly Website Support Plan Checklist


Just like updating your iPhone or iPad, website updates serve a number of different functions as listed below:

  •  Update WordPress platform core version  – because this is regularly being updated by WordPress. When your software is up-to-date, you can help prevent security breaches and keep your website is always running smoothly. Otherwise your website speed can be affected, which is bad for SEO, user experience, and website’s performance.
  •  Fix security holes and check for attempted hacking, plug any holes – because people will try to hack your website
  •  Optimize the utilization of resources on the operating system – to make your site perform well
  •  Add newer and more secure features – to keep the site up to date
  •  Remove old and unprotected features – to avoid clutter or conflict
  •  Update drivers to increase software efficiency – as these software drivers are updated
  •  Update versions for components such as Yoast, Gravity Forms, Askimet and make sure they work together – or they may conflict with each other and affect the look or functionality of your website
  •  Ensure the uptime of your website – to ensure that people can find the site 24/7
  •  Check speed of website – to make sure that visitors get content quickly, before they move on elsewhere
  •  Check mobile or responsive view – to see that the website delivers on all popular mobile types
  •  Keep a copy as a Backup in case the site goes down – so that you can put up a saved copy. With automatic backups, you can recover older versions of your site if any errors occur or mistakes have been made, such as you accidentally delete your whole site.
  •  Submit updated Sitemaps to Google – to tell them about all your pages
  •  Remove any 404 errors which can improve a website’s ranking on search engines.
  •  Check Calendar – to ensure that the date and time settings are correct
  •  Train your inhouse Marketer or Webmaster – to use optimisation tools and techniques
  •  Run through an agreed Check List – to see that all necessary tasks are done in a timely fashion on a regular basis
  •  Tip: Do little and do often – to avoid conflicts or large workloads. We recommend an hour or two monthly, ideally weekly if you have someone to do it.
  •  Noite: Whoever is ‘responsible’ needs to be on top of all this or get a report from a competent trusted person/team at least once a month. This ensures the website is performing well and can identify any areas that need improvement. This constant tracking of your website’s performance helps ensure it is always improving.

Audit Task list – This is a list of what we do to audit your website and send you a full report to tell you what state your website is in and what needs to be done, if anything. Can you do it yourself?

Check for a site backup of your website before doing anything!! Warning Will Robinson, warning!
the version of WordPress for any core updates
Check the version of the design theme if you have one
Check for any plugins that need updating
Check that all plugins work well together with no conflicts, as you do each update
Check to see if Google Analytics code has been applied and is working
Check the Hosting situation, credit card is up to date and contact email status. And check the Uptime Monitoring to see if your website is online at all times
Check the Domain situation, credit card is up to date and contact email status
Check the all important website speed using the FREE Google page load speed test here
Check here that your Sitemap is listed and uploaded to Google
Check cross browser view – check tablet, smartphone and desktop after making any changes to see if the website looks ok
Check for 404 errors, these are broken links. Fix them or do 301 redirects to the relevant pages. Free Tool here.
Check for a site security and that the SSL cert is installed. Your website should not has ‘Not Secure’ in the url bar
Check any Contact or Submission forms to ensure they work – think about doing this once a week
Check GSC – Monitor GSC Google Search Console for any error notifications and that you are getting any email notifications
If you cannot do these maintenance tasks, sign up to our Care Plan above and we can do it for you – we have all the paid tools we need for this work.

Report Offer – In case you miss a month or two. At any time we can do an Audit for and send you a one off report on what needs to be done to update your website and make it secure.

Value €159.90 (€130 + VAT) – Our offer price €99 plus VAT – Order now

For eCommerce website audits, contact us


Every website is different, as is every client and their objectives.
Talk to us about what you want to achieve, in order to determine which plan is right for you.
Usually your website will let you know how much attention it needs. If it works seemlessly and without intervention, then all is good in the world.
However do you know if it is actually working? Not knowing that you have a problem, is not the same as not having one.


Webmaster services we DO offer:

Monthly site check and Backup | Monitoring Uptime | Form Testing – Contact Form, Application Form etc | Google Analytics set up | Google Sitemap update Submission | Load speed testing | Theme updates | Security updates | Security patches | Search Engine Friendly Optimisation on content | SEO Search Engine Optimisation | Metatag Adjustments | Keyword Optimization | Headings reviewed | 301 Redirects | Quick fixes | CSS Enhancements | Content updates | Content Creation | Content Authoring | Extension updates | Web Consulting | Quarterly website review | Monthly Analytics Report and Review.

Get a Loyalty Discount on Ad Hoc rates by signing a Monthly Direct Debit.

Specialists Audits we offer include Performance Audit, Usability Audit, Accessability Audit, Security Audit, Code Audit or SEO Audit.

Webmaster Services we do NOT offer:
App or plugin Development – not our expertise
App or plugin Customisation – not our expertise
Enterprise or Retail eCommerce – not our expertise
One off SSL Cert configuration – there are specialists for this who will also configure for you
Digital Marketing – but we can recommend someone that will suit you. We do SEO very well, but are not dedicated Digital Marketers, so we do not do PPC Pay Per Click advertising or Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or TikTok advertising.