GDPR Website Compliance Audit

Do you need help with GDPR Compliance for your WordPress website?

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The GDPR Deadline has passed








Step 1 – Book an audit €399 + vat.

Step 2 – Receive your GDPR Compliance Audit Report and Bespoke proposal, with our recommendations.

Step 3 – Let us do the hard work, by approving whatever needs to be done.
Then breathe a sigh of relief, with your GDPR Compliance Checklist completed for your website.

Here’s what we will cover…

Our GDPR website compliance audit covers these topics.


WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

We audit websites for GDPR related security flaws using our comprehensive checklist

We guide on how to make your forms GDPR compliant

Contact, newsletter and subscription forms should get “positive affirmation” for exactly what you are offering.

WordPress Security Settings

We help ensure you use the best settings for user registrations, comments and the right to be forgotten?

Updating your website platform

Is your critical website software platform version up to date to comply with GDPR?

Personal Data Breach Report

Your website needs to monitor any Data Breach 24/7, so that you take action and inform those affected within 72 hours

Privacy Policy updates

GDPR means that your privacy policy will need updating. We can guide you towards privacy policy compliance.

Cookie Consent - Who said you could track me?

Your website Cookie Consent notification needs to include explicit consent to ensure compliance.

Terms & Conditions

GDPR means that your Terms & Conditions will need updating and publication. We can guide you on compliance.

*Legal Advice – We wish to state that we are not qualified to give legal advice. For definitive legal advice you should contact your solicitor/Legal Firm.
GDPR Website Compliance Audit – This will generate a report with recommended tasks to make your website more GDPR compliant. You can make the changes yourself or engage someone to do so.
The Right to be Forgotten – We will guide on how you delete a subscribers details in full.
The Bottom Line – Your web presence is gathering personal data in a number of ways. No data should be collected without express permission. And it should not be used for anything other than the clearly stated purpose. Plus it should be kept secure whilst you hold it.
What is GDPR? – Read more about GDPR HERE

Does GDPR apply to my business website?

GDPR European data protection legislation will be introduced on May 25th 2018, the most significant legislation in 20 years. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens the rights that individuals have regarding their personal data and seeks to unify data protection laws across Europe.

If your business website collects or stores any type of personal data, you will need to comply with GDPR. Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to €20m or 4% of your annual turnover. To avoid the penalties, website compliance is key.

Step one is to understand where your business website lies in terms of compliance. Start by conducting an audit of your website, its plugins, extensions, modules, contact forms, subscription forms etc.

Once you have the Audit Report you can then take steps to ensure GDPR website compliance

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