Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to ensure your business ranks highly in Google searches, ahead of other Sligo firms. Lets get your phone ringing!

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SEO Sligo Assessment


SEO Sligo Assessment

In the SEO Sligo Assessment, we talk to you about what you want from your website, followed by our initial research to evaluate what you have now. Start here.
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SEO Sligo Ongoing Monthly


SEO Sligo Monthly Ongoing

We can work with you on a choice of levels – no contract is required. Swop level any time. You dictate the pace. “A website is only as effective as it is used.”
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mainly for Construction, Financial & Legal sectors in NorthWest

SEO Sligo | Search Engine Optimisation Sligo Ireland

You are here because your business website is not ranking in search results as well as you want it to. As a result, you are losing out on valuable leads and sales.

If you landed on this SEO page, you most likely did a Google search for SEO Sligo or Sligo SEO. You found us at MEANit Web Design Agency on Stephens Street, close to the Garavogue because we practice what we preach and understand the most important ranking factors on Google. With our custom approach to SEO or Search Engine Optimisation Ireland, Google ranks us well for terms like what is SEO or Sligo Search Engine Optimisation. We offer you the same service for your own Sligo-based business.

Contact us today at 01 969 6060 or 086 2510117 for your free SEO consultation.

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Website-Design-Dublin-5-Star-Google-Reviews   100’s Happy Clients – see Portfolio


Having trouble deciding on an SEO Sligo package? Give us a call at the office or on  086 2510117  and Michael MacGinty our own Sligo SEO consultant can guide you through your price options. You can also email [email protected] or use our quick enquiry form and have Michael contact you directly.

We offer you an SEO Sligo Assessment of where you stand now – a great start. No big commitment whatsoever. Then the option if required, of an SEO Sligo Monthly Ongoing Service to to get your website well optimised and promote your business online for you. Limited to 20 Clients.


In the SEO Sligo Assessment, we talk to you about what you want from your website, followed by our initial research to evaluate what you have now. Then we put together a roadmap for you to use, in any way you like.
You can use whichever elements of the ‘SEO Sligo assessment’ you like. You can give it to someone else to use on your behalf.
Or you may decide to work with us to make it a reality for you, by signing up for our SEO Sligo Kickoff next, to get your website in shape. Or sign up for our  SEO Derry Monthly Ongoing services.

No big commitment or contract required. – 1. Book a Call 2. Create a Plan 3. Grow Your Business

An SEO Sligo Assessment is not an ‘Audit’

Maybe you’ve heard of SEO Audits – they normally generate pages and pages of ‘data’ in a report highlighting every single thing that is wrong with your site. Even a site with 20-30 pages of content can create a report that is twice that size. These are generally not human-generated reports, and it is an automated software that creates the audits with all the ‘data’. And the cheap automated ones add little or no value at all.

Our manual MEANit SEO Sligo Assessment isn’t anything like an audit. Instead, it’s a review from 1,000 feet up. We look at the most critical dynamics and give you an overview of some opportunities that will help you improve SEO and gain traction online.

An SEO Assessment does not have to take forever or cost thousands

If you’ve ever hired an SEO agency in Sligo or offshore to do an audit, you’ve likely spent thousands for huge reports containing computer-generated lists — with almost no useful or actionable SEO recommendations. That’s not what we offer.

Our SEO Sligo Assessment provides ‘jargon-free’ actionable recommendations from our SEO Sligo specialists and for much less than the cost of other audits. Sure, we do give you some related data to back up our opinions, but mainly the highlights and we translate what this means for your business in Ireland.

As an SEO Sligo team, we spend half a day or more, physically doing the work and compiling your individual report. If you’re ready to get started making adjustments to your site, weeks of waiting can be frustrating – we deliver within 10 working days.

An Assessment isn’t the Conclusion, It’s the Start

When you purchase one of the typical SEO audits out there, it’s already the final product. You get a report and they either wish you well or offer to take you on as a client (with crazy monthly costs) to start repairing everything they’ve found. That’s not how we run our business.

Our MEANit SEO Sligo Assessment is clean, focused, and includes specific recommendations. You can take it from there to work on your own website. No strings attached whatsoever.

However, it does not have to mean goodbye, if you decide you want more help. We offer two further SEO options or paths after your initial SEO Sligo Assessment, should you choose to do so. You decide after reading through your Assessment and its recommendations :

SEO Sligo Assessment Typical Questions – FAQs

Can SEO Sligo Assessments be completed for any and all websites?

Yes, if it is built on a WordPress platform for a Professional Services business, we can evaluate it.

We do not work with eCommerce websites at all, which includes Magento, Big Commerce, etc.

We do not profess to understand platforms like Wix, Weebly, Yola, Shopify or other such proprietary platforms. We can work with Squarespace.

How long does an SEO Sligo Assessment take?

We deliver an SEO Assessment within 10 working or business days from receipt of payment. We have to book the time to spend half a day or more as a team, researching your website and writing up your report.

Do I need to start with an SEO Sligo Assessment? Can I jump into hands-on SEO instead?

You don’t have to start your SEO journey with an Assessment, you could start with Kickoff SEO instead for an action-oriented approach. The SEO Sligo Assessment is very helpful if you want to map your priorities before hitting the ground running, which makes sense if you want to be targeting the right things.

My website is really big. Does the price of the Assessment change?

There are no website size restrictions for SEO Sligo Assessments. This is a 1,000-foot view, so we can review any site — from small to large — and create a roadmap for growth. We do avoid eCommerce, Hospitality, or Enterprise websites, as they are just not our jam. If your market is National rather than Local then yes we need more time and the fee is €1250. Delivery is still within 10 working days.

There are cheaper SEO audits

Yes, There are cheaper SEO audits, much cheaper, but they are not like our SEO Sligo Assessments. The main difference is that for a small amount of money, you can get a huge amount of data. And maybe a nice big templated report. But can you make heads or tails of it? Will you be able to do anything as a result of getting this automated SEO audit? And crucially, the people who offer these low-cost audits never get to know anything much about you or your business, or more importantly your customers. They cannot afford to invest time in your business for the small fee that they charge you. Usually, they are not in Sligo or Ireland at all.


We can work with you on a choice of levels – no contract is required. Swap level any time. You dictate the pace. “A website is only as effective as it is used.”

Platinum – Concierge – €5000. This is where we become part of your team working on your website to accelerate your SEO and aggressively gain traffic by working on your agreed strategy.
Gold – Regain
– €2000. This is two full days or four half days of our time to work on your website to accelerate your SEO and aggressively gain traffic by working on your agreed strategy.
Silver – Sustain – €1000. This is a full day or two half days of our time to work on your website to sustain your SEO by enhancing it gradually, and by working on your agreed strategy.
Bronze – Maintain
– €500. This is a half day of our time to work on your website to maintain your SEO or work on your strategy with you – your call.

Effectively, we do for you, what we do for ourselves. We use the tools that we understand to get the results you want. We work at whichever pace you want to 1. Maintain      2. Sustain or      3. Regain

We are not the right fit for every business, however, as we as a team are based 100% in Ireland we work well with Professional Services Businesses in Sligo, Ireland.

We focus solely on the WordPress platform and use a variety of associated tools for SEO purposes. All these tools are White Hat, all attaching license fees paid by us, all in positive support of your valuable online reputation to enhance it every month. Try us out for 6 months and decide for yourself based on the results.

How we do SEO in Sligo

*Whichever Sligo SEO agency you choose will be a gamble, so try for 3 months with no contract and see how well it works – no need for any big gamble on your part. Do make sure you get someone based in Ireland to do the SEO to rank well in Sligo or North West.

  • Create Page Titles and Descriptions
  • Add Location to Google Maps
  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Add Business to 3 Local Irish Directories
  • 301 & 303 Re-Directs
  • Install YOAST SEO Plugin
  • Rename Page URL’s
  • Add Social Share Buttons


*The packages below are indicative of what we do on an ongoing basis every month, to further optimise your website and improve rankings and conversions. Every client is different, so we customise our SEO service to suit your own business. You may want us to simply Maintain your SEO. Or Sustain your SEO to grow visitor numbers. Or Regain to get competitive with your opposition

€5,000 per month

This is where we become part of your team working on your website to accelerate your SEO and aggressively gain traffic by working on your agreed strategy.


  • Everything in Gold
  • We work as part of your team
  • Anything we can do in-house
  • Management of Third Parties
  • Full SEO Management Report
  • Monthly Statistics Report
  • Monthly Actionable Insights Strategy
  • One call per Week
  • Weekly Roundup Report
  • Content Creation
  • On-Site SEO
  • Off-Site SEO includes Strategy, Local Search and Backlinks
  • Technical SEO

€5,000 per month

€2,000 per month

This is two full days or four half days of our time to work on your website to accelerate your SEO and aggressively gain traffic by working on your agreed strategy.


  • Up to 100 Key words / Key phrases
  • 5+ New Landing Page/ blog post
  • Full SEO Management Report
  • Monthly Statistics Report
  • Monthly Actionable Insights Strategy
  • Two calls per Month
  • On-Site SEO
  • Off-Site SEO includes Strategy, Local Search and Backlinks
  • Technical SEO

€2,000 per month

€1,000 per month

This is a full day or two half days of our time to work on your website to sustain your SEO by enhancing it gradually by working on your agreed strategy.


  • Up to 50 Keywords/key terms
  • 2+ New Landing Page/ blog post
  • Full SEO Management Report
  • Monthly Statistics Report
  • Monthly Actionable Insights Strategy
  • One call per Month
  • On-Site SEO
  • Off-Site SEO includes Strategy and Local Search
  • Technical SEO

€1,000 per month

€500 per month

This is a half day of our time to work on your website to maintain your SEO or work on your strategy with you – your call.


  • Up to 10 Keywords/key terms
  • 1+ New Landing Page/ blog post
  • Full SEO Management Report
  • Monthly Statistics Report
  • Monthly Actionable Insights Strategy
  • One 1 hour call per Quarter
  • On-Site SEO
  • Off-Site SEO and Strategy
  • Technical SEO

€500 per month

Successful people want to be as professional online as they are off-line.

With so many experts and platforms and apps, it’s difficult to know where to begin, right?

Meet Michael from the MEANit Web Design & SEO Sligo Team

With over 20 years of experience in the web, we can help you develop an overall web presence to give you the opportunity to engage with your chosen audience. This helps ensure that you get to do what you want to do, with the people you really, really want. If that sounds interesting to you, get in touch now for a complimentary chat. Let’s see if we are a good fit for you!’


Based on 44 reviews
Niamh Kane
Its a straight up 5-stars for Michael & all the team at MEANit Web Deisgn. We cannot recommend this company enough for creating our website for PVC Fencing Donegal. From initial enquiry, Michael was on the ball with his informative advice & we feel he listened to what we wanted to achieve. He coordinated a great team to help us each step of the way & we found everyone extremely friendly & approachable. We will continue to recommend this company going forward. Thanks again, Niamh & David - Pvc Fencing Donegal.
Francie Coyle
I have been working with Michael over the last while in connection with creating a unique community website for our area. He visited us on a voluntary basis and gave us a comprehensive overview of the partnership required between our team and web design companies like his. He has continued this approach all along and is always available to give advice and direction when needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his team for your project, big or small and I am confident you will find it a productive and rewarding experience.
Martin Johnston
Thank you to Michael, for all your help and advice. Very responsive with emails and phone calls. Which means alot, when your looking and needing work done! Highly recommend Michael, so informative and his attention to detail, is 2nd to none !! Continued success to you Michael! Regards Martin
Eunan Cunningham
Míle buíochas! Our sincere thanks to Michael and his team at MEANit for producing an excellent website for us at gteic Cill Charthaigh. We had a very tight timescale in which to work with a non-negotiable deadline and we also required a bilingual site (Irish and English)! Everything was carried out on-time and within the budget. Nothing was too much trouble. It was a totally painless process and we were more than satisfied with the outcome. We would have no hesitation in recommending MEANit to anyone who wants a professional website for their business or organisation or committee etc. Go raibh míle maith agaibh!
Michael Gill
I could not recommend Michael, John and Maryann at Meanit enough for anyone who is looking to build a website or update their website. Right from the beginning Michael was there to assist, and build my website to ensure all the content I wanted was there and the site was professional. Michael and John ongoing support and advising how to maximise our website content is excellent. Michael Gill FCA, partner Bonner Gill & Co. Chartered Accountants.
Alice Hartigan
Michael, John and the team at MeanIt have been a pleasure to work with. They respond fast, have a genuine interest in the work we do and are so helpful. Couldn't recommend more :) Thanks so much for all your continued support!
Killybegs Marine Cluster Blue Economy
Meanit have been absolutely amazing from the initial brief to project completion, which was delivered on time and on budget. We couldn’t be happier with Meanit and their customer service is excellent. We highly recommend Meanit as a service provider.
Peter Garvey
I look forward to Meanit s email on a sunday allways great information and links thanks Michael
patrick conaghan
Michael and his team are always available for expert advice and support.
Anthony McGlynn
I can't recommend Michael, John & Maryann from MeanIT highly enough. From initial consultation, to implementing a plan and watching my website become a reality, nothing was ever a problem. I found Mean IT to be very professional & knowledgeable. Michael has been excellent giving me tips to help with my Google ranking and what is the best way to increase visitors and more importantly increasing sales on my website. I look forward to continuing adapting and upgrading my graphic design website in the future with Michael & the team. Thanks again for all your help and giving my business an excellent online presence.


How long does it take to get on Page 1 in Sligo?

This is a very common question. The truth is that this varies depending on the competitiveness of your key terms or words or your industry. And how well your competitors in the North West region do their Search Engine Optimisation. Nobody can honestly guarantee you a Page 1 ranking for Sligo Ireland. However, a good SEO or Web Design Agency might give you an indication after the first month or two. As any golfer in Strandhill or Rosses Point  would tell you, it is all about playing the course in front of you on any given day

Strandhill Golf Club Sligo Photo

Strandhill Golf Club Sligo


When on a journey in Sligo


Explore the charming and vibrant town of Sligo Downtown! Tucked away on the west coast of Ireland, Sligo Downtown is a hidden gem of local destination spots that are waiting to be discovered. From quaint coffee shops to unique boutiques, and everything in between, Sligo Downtown offers a variety of experiences that cater to every interest and taste. In this article, we will explore some of the must-visit places in Sligo Downtown, so you can plan your next adventure and discover the heart of this beautiful town. So, whether you’re a local looking for a new spot to explore or a visitor to the area, get ready to fall in love with the charm and character of Sligo Downtown!


Sligo has many popular spots for visitors and locals alike. Here are some known local spots in downtown Sligo:

O’Connell Street

This is the main street in downtown Sligo and is lined with shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs.

Quayside Shopping Centre

This shopping center is located on Wine Street and offers a range of shops and boutiques selling clothes, jewelry, and gifts.

Sligo Market

This outdoor market takes place every Saturday on Castle Street and offers a range of local produce, crafts, and goods.

Sligo Abbey

This historic site is located on Abbey Street and dates back to the 13th century. It is one of the best-preserved medieval abbeys in Ireland and offers guided tours.

The Model Arts Centre

This contemporary arts center is located in The Mall and offers a range of exhibitions, performances, and events.

 Yeats Memorial Building

This cultural center is located on Hyde Bridge and is dedicated to the life and works of the famous Irish poet W.B. Yeats. It features exhibits, events, and performances related to Yeats and his legacy.

The Hawk’s Well Theatre

This theater is located on Temple Street and offers a range of performances, including theater, music, and dance.

The Glasshouse Hotel

This modern hotel is located on Swan Point and offers stunning views of the Garavogue River and Sligo Bay.

The Garavogue River

This river runs through the center of Sligo and is a popular spot for walking, jogging, and cycling.

The Hyde Bridge:

 This historic bridge spans the Garavogue River and offers stunning views of Sligo town and the surrounding countryside.


If you’re a business owner in Sligo, Ireland, looking to boost your online presence and reach more customers, then look no further than MEANit’s SEO services. Our team of experts can help improve your website’s search engine ranking, increase traffic to your site, and ultimately, drive more sales for your business. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your online presence to the next level, our tailored solutions can help you achieve your goals. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced SEO specialists. Let MEANit help you unlock the full potential of your online presence!

Can you guarantee Page 1 listing?

No. However, a good SEO Sligo specialist should have an idea of what they can do it. This is still a wild guess until the first month or two have been done. It is just a form of advertising, instead or on top of using the Sligo Champion or Sligo Weekender, Ocean FM, or Mid West Radio. In the long run, it is going to be a lot less expensive than using PPC Pay Per Click Google Ads.

Sligo Town across River Garavogue Image

Sligo Town across River Garavogue

Can you offer a lower price? I see other people asking for less.

You will see people offering to do SEO for less money. Some will even guarantee more traffic or higher ranking for some words. Or higher CTR click through rate. Usually, most of these guys just want your money and it is a numbers game for them. They are forever selling and getting more short term clients. That is how they work. Check, in an Incognito window, for private browsing, if they even rank for the services they offer. Look at their Google Reviews and see if businesses like yours in the Sligo area recommend people like them.
What you invest is up to you. The more you invest the better the results in leads or sales should be. However the fact is that the first few months are all just a gamble, to find out if we can do what we say and deliver some results for you. Make a decision to commit to 3 or 6 months and get started. If you get the wrong people initially, simply find a replacement agency, until you get it right. Same as you would do with any other suppliers.

Sligo Benbulben Cloud Mountain SEO Image

Sligo Benbulben Mountain

When you invest in SEO services including local SEO or GBP management, you’re not just paying for the time spent on your project.

You are also investing in:

– Expertise – gathered from doing this professionally and studying SEO for years
– Experience – gained form years on the tools
– Research – the SEO team spend countless hours studying tactics and the effects of algorithms
– Tools and software – SEO requires quite a few complex paid tools
– Professional writers – not some AI tool
– Skilled link builders – engaging with other website owners to get backlinks
– Strategic planning – we need to always start with a plan
– Time management – we could end up spending days on a project, with endless possible rabbit holes
– Reliability – every day, every week, every month, repeatedly doing the work required
– Accountability – without results we know you will find someone else
– Precision – without due care an SEO team could do more damage than good
– Compliance with best practices – whether it is GDPR or WCAG we need to know the rules and work within the guidelines
– Keep updated with industry – spending time with other agencies and developers to sharpen our skills
– Security measures and Monitoring – more tools to protect your web presence 

Criticizing the ‘cost’ of SEO services without understanding the depth of work involved is not really fair. And you should get back more than you are investing anyway.

Can you guarantee more sales? Will we definitely make more money?

We may be able to generate more traffic, better traffic, more enquiries, however it is still down to you to make the sale. If we get 100 more people a month to your door in Sligo or online, how many can you convert.

How many months are needed? How long does this SEO take?

SEO Sligo is never-ending. And if you do get more traffic and more sales, why would you stop doing it?
Only after a few months will be able to tell you how long it should take to rank for a keyword or term. Find an SEO Sligo company and commit to 3 or 6 months. Then review the results. If you get the wrong team initially, find another one. Just like you would do with any other supplier.

Once you get it right, SEO becomes a big part of your ongoing advertising. My friend Sue Ginsburg likes to quote Henry Ford “The man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops a clock to save time”. 

Things change in search and the way people use search and in Google algorithms. Add to that the fact that your competitors will be chasing you online, so it is important to stay fit and in good shape online.

The good news is that SEO is the lowest cost, most effective way to get enquiries, leads or sales. And done well you can stop running around looking for ways to get leads and just concentrate on managing your business, your production or growing your team. So many people get busy looking at all the shiny new tools and offers that crop up. Once you get your SEO right, stick with it, push it as hard as you need to do, to fill your pipeline.

SEO is NOT a cost, it is an investment. One that done right will give you the best return on your spend.

SEO Sligo Services, MEANit Graphic

SEO Derry Services, MEANit SEO Agency

How many keywords are included?

We get an idea of keywords from you and then we research your competitors in the Sligo area and add them to the list. Then we can start with one or two or however many you want. But let’s see what the list looks like after a month or two of grunt work by us. Only after a few months will be able to tell you how long it should take to rank for a word or term. Some words or terms may take longer than others for your industry. We work the time agreed to use the tools available on your behalf.

SEO Sligo Tool Google Analytics Image

Do you offer the audit free?

No. This is work for a day or half a day or two days and we charge for it. Ignore the FREE online options that are generic, just to hook you. Pay for the Audit and then decide if you want to proceed with the SEO that’s it.

What is SEO? Not sure? Start here

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?- If you have time to learn a bit more or even how to do it yourself, read our FREE SEO Guide to optimising your website for Sligo, or wherever you are based in Ireland– find all the details in the Guide on ‘What Is SEO’.

Note: This is a big FREE DIY Guide that covers everything from initial Keyword Research, Technical SEO, Content SEO, On-Site SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Site SEO. Everything you need to do the optimisation yourself. Or to help you engage with the SEO Sligo Agency that you entrust to do it for you.

What sort of SEO tasks do you do?

In no particular order here are some of the tasks we do for SEO clients, depending on what is urgent at any given time.

Technical SEO
Fix technical SEO issues
Fix any canonical or cannibalisation issues
Ensure domain variations all point to the root, as in and https://  to
Clean up existing links
Clean up code
No Index paginated results
Test mobile-friendly version rendering and speed
You can address mobile-first indexing
Improve site delivery for core web vitals
Check the HREF LANG configuration
Ensure the hosting environment is adequate, secure, and fast with no IP neighbour issues
Check that the robots txt file is correct
Test and improve accessibility

Content SEO
Write up a content strategy
Write new, high-quality, topical content
Work on domain overall authority in your industry
Expand on topics covered in page content relative to your industry
Edit pages to respond better to end-user intent
Create content around Brand promotions elsewhere
Cull or curate old content or reduce the number of pages
Ensure all content is original or paid for
Check all images are correctly sized for the web
Check all images are correctly named with the proper naming convention
Clean out any old images from the Media library

On-Site SEO
Work on internal linking
Improve ‘Brand’ trust
Add to or improve Schema
Tweak or improve Page titles to engage in SERPs
Tweak or improve meta descriptions to convert more visitors
Use or improve anchor texts
Use a mini menu structure with jump links in long articles
Create and A/B Test landing pages

Off-Site SEO
Build new relevant links
Disavow unsuitable links
Work on your Google Business Profile entry
Work on the Linkedin Business Profile
Work on Facebook Business Page
Check external links to your internal pages
Resolve any current Google Search Console coverage issues
Do NAP audits for listings with your Name, Address, and Phone number
Get more reviews
Compare competitor sites and reverse engineer
Do some PPC or engage someone to manage a campaign
Constantly check, add to, improve, and edit Web 2.0 listings

Typical Plan or flow of SEO work over 6 months to a year

We would usually work in this sort of order:
1. SEO Initial Assessment
2. On-Page SEO
3. Web Core Vitals
4. Google Business Profile
5. Navigation Restructure
6. On-Page SEO
7. Off-Page SEO Web 2.0
8. Content Audit
9.  Linkedin
10. On-Page SEO

Every client is different, so we focus on what exactly each client needs at any given time, in order to get the results they want.

Some start with a Technical Audit or SEO Audit and request Onsite Optimisation or Offsite Optimisation, perhaps for Local Search Optimisation and ask for Content creation or guided recommendations, whilst some just ask for Keyword Analysis or Mobile Optimisation and some want detailed Reporting with full Tracking details. We have a proven system that we like to use, however, we are happy to tweak it to suit each individual project.

What is included in Technical SEO?

Title Tags Optimisation
META Tags Optimisation
Back Linking
Images Optimisation
Sitemap update submissions
Broken links
301 Redirects
404 error check and repair

What is included in On-Site SEO?

On-page edits
Content Optimisation
Internal Link Optimisation
Alt tags
Meta Descriptions
Page Titles

How much does SEO cost in Sligo?

How much does SEO cost in Sligo or Ireland?

SEO costs tools tips michael macgintySEO or Search Engine Optimisation entails a lot of different tasks and skills. So it needs a specialist or a specialist team of SEOs and developers to apply any technical or code changes, plus perhaps a graphic designer. Usually an agency will bill an hourly rate to include the use of the team members, whichever are required at any given time. An average rate is about €100, but many do charge twice that figure. A freelancer may charge less, but therefore does not have the full team with all the skills required.

In the USA the average spend in 2021 on SEO services by a small company was about $500 a month, as referenced by Brian Dean at Backlinko. They surveyed 1200 small businesses or companies who identified as investing in monthly SEO services. Many invest thousands a month and most are happy with their returns. These business plan to invest more in 2022. Most who spend under $500 a month are generally not happy with the results. These respondents do not plan to stick with theircurrent agency or freelancer.

What are the options when getting someone to do your SEO?

Employ an SEO.
You could employ someone inhouse to do your SEO and the going rate is between €30,000 for a start and about €70,000 for the more experienced SEO, so the average salary is about €50,000 in Ireland. This is about €30 per hour plus tax and benefits.
Pros – include having the person in your physical office to do as instructed, when instructed.
Cons – You have to find someone suitable to recruit, manage them, look after them with benefits such as sick pay and holidays etc.

Employ a Freelancer.
There is a plethora of Freelancers offering SEO services and they can seem like the cheap or low cost option. The good ones are freelancing because an agency will pay them between €30 and €60 an hour, whereas they can get €100+ if they work directly with the client. The better ones can code as well as do SEO. And the unicorns can do both, plus be qualified graphic designers too!
Pros – They are self employed. You simply pay an agreed hourly rate. And there are no extra benefits. You can sack them at any time.
Cons – You still have to find one that you think is good and then gamble on them for a while to see if they are any good. And if they leave you can be left in a situation where you do not know where you stand, so you have to start all over again.

On-page-SEO-TipsEmploy an Agency
Pros – They have to find their own staff, train them and make sure they are good at their job, then manage them and provide relief staff for holidays and sickness. They have to do any recruiting and replace people who leave. They have to deliver results for you or you can just leave to go to their competitor.
Cons – It costs you more (or it can appear to cost you more).

SEO Sevices rates or costs
Some SEO services are more expensive to buy and deliver than others. You can expect to pay more for Link Building or website management, eCommerce or Enterprise SEO, creating Infographics, and videography. More that is than paying for Social Media marketing or management, keyword research or writing simple blog articles, on-page or off-page SEO, audits, and guest posting.
A good agency can be tasked with doing everything, whereas employees or Freelancers tend to focus on one or two services.

Marketing Budget versus SEO Budget
If you have a budget of say 10% of overall sales and you sell €1m a year, take that €100k as the Marketing budget, then allocate say 20% to 25% to SEO services. This is about industry standards. If you are applying metrics to all your marketing spending, you should be able to determine which tactics work best. It could be as simple as asking new customers, where did they get your contact details or why did they call you.

SEO Sligo Cost MEANit Graphic

Bottom Line

If you really do understand SEO Search Engine Optimisation, you could employ someone to do the work you give them through a comprehensive SEO Plan. If you do not want to employ someone, you could try some freelancers and hope to get a good one, even if it is short-lived.
However, if you want to have a team of specialists do the work and get the results, hire an agency. Give them 6 months to get some results, to show a good return on your investment. What is the average LTV Life Time Value of a new client for you?  If the first Agency does not work out find another one until you get it right. Then build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship, so that you can work and grow together. Any good agency will not want short-term clients, so they will run you through as much of a filter as you apply to select them.

Does every website need SEO?

Not every website needs SEO Search Engine Optimisation?

Some people have a website more as a Digital Business card.

When you meet someone you are likely to google them. This is where SEO comes in, as you want to turn up when someone does that search. And you want to look professional. However, this could be as simple as having a one-page website or a basic site such as Wix or Weebly. Add some relevant text and some images, along with your contact details and that are you done.

Will this simple one-page site work without SEO?

Yes and no.

This one-page or simple website may work if you are going to send people to it, use it on your business card or advertising etc. For example something like www

However, it will probably not rank in Google for anything, but the domain name itself. In a search for “john smith accountant” this site may turn up. It is unlikely to turn up in a search for accountant or any specific accounting service. Depending on the competition and the number of competitors in the geographic location of the business.

If ‘John Smith Accountant’ is based in a city, let’s say Sligo or better still Dublin or maybe Birmingham, he may get found for “john smith accountant”, but he will not rank for John smith or for ‘accountant’ or for any accountant services.

Generally, you can rank one page for one term or keyphrase. So if you have five services, you will want at least one page for each one, to be able to optimse for these services in your target area.

Is this enough for you?
Maybe this is enough. You can direct people straight to your website. Or you could do Ads such as Google Ads or Facebook or Linkedin Ads, to bring people to this website. Effectively you pay to play.

Bottom Line
MEANit-SEO-Costs-Tools-and-TipsIf you are happy to bring people to the website by advertising, then you do not need SEO.

If you are paying for ads to get visitors, it will work, but it may become very expensive after a while. Once you stop paying, you stop displaying too.

Investing in SEO is a longer term tactic. And it is one that over time reduces your requirement to spend so much on Ads as a tactic.

Initially you could do both, advertise in the short term whilst doing SEO for the long term.

Remember that SEO is a tactic, but it is not the only way to promote your business in County Sligo or further afield. So all the usual ways such as social media marketing, signage, livery, adverts in newspapers like the Sligo Champion or Sligo Weekender, magazine also can work. TV, OceanFM Radio, Van wraps, uniforms and loads of other standard marketing channels.

Turbo Charge Option: SLIGO SEO KICKOFF Offer €2,250

Well done, you launched your website already! Or it is live, but not performing. Now, let’s talk SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.
Think of your website as the body of a beautiful car. Sure, it’s great to look at, but without an engine, it will get you nowhere. Our SEO Sligo KICKOFF package serves as that engine and is a great start to your Search Engine Optimisation. This one-time fee allows us optimise quickly for potential new leads and allow you to generate real profit quickly.
Take advantage of our SEO experience and proven expertise for a few months to get your own website started off on the right footing with our Ongoing option.

In the SEO Sligo Kickoff, we do your initial keyword research and mapping. Then optimise all your main pages initially. Effectively, we front-load our work to get you results fast. It can be done in one month or two or three – your call. How quickly do you want to see results?

We cover website analysis, competition analysis, keyword research, initial title tag optimisation, robots txt, sitemap, initial meta tag optimisation, local business profile optimisation, mobile responsiveness, security, google analytics, google search console setup, image optimisation, internal links, directory submission, nap submission, keyword use in the anchor text, website analysis, and site speed benchmarking. This is not ‘rocket science’ but like many things, it is somewhat complex if you are not working on it every day.

Finally, we give you the plan to manage all your own Ongoing SEO moving forward. Or you can choose an Irish SEO agency such as ours to do it for you.

SEO Sligo Kickoff  Works QUICKLY

Irish businesses have used SEO Derry Kickoff to drive the steps required to grow their organic traffic. SEO takes dedication and time.

But what if you want to accelerate your SEO results? What if you want to get set up and start seeing results more quickly?
That’s where SEO Sligo Kickoff comes in.

What is SEO Sligo Kickoff?

What if you could skip keyword research, content strategising, and backlink analysis? What if you could cut your ongoing monthly SEO efforts in half? With Kickoff SEO, you can.

With SEO Sligo Kickoff, our experienced SEO guys and gals, like Hannah or Rory in Donegal, and Maryann or  Michael MacGinty, do the work to build a solid SEO foundation for you.

We follow a holistic approach to Search Engine Optimisation by focusing equally on
1. Technical SEO
2. Content
3. On-site optimisation, and
4. Off-site SEO.

SEO Sligo Kickoff  Typical Questions – FAQs

Can SEO Sligo Kickoff be completed on any and all websites?

Kickoff SEO can be completed on most WordPress websites that are for Professional Services Businesses – this is our sweet spot.

We do not work with huge Enterprise websites, Hospitality, or eCommerce such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and Drupal. And we know nothing about proprietary or closed platforms such as Weebly, Squarespace, Wix or Shopify.

If I have a new website in development, when should I get started with SEO Sligo Kickoff?

The sooner the better. Completing the research and planning phase now ensures that the new website’s content and structure will pair well with your keyword space.

Is your SEO Sligo Kickoff price flexible?

The investment is based on previous projects, but we are always happy to look at potential projects and quote individually. We start at €2250 and try to stay at that.

What happens in SEO Sligo Kickoff?

If we did an SEO Sligo Assessment for you already we apply this to your website. We do research and planning to cover Google AnalyticsGoogle Search ConsoleKeyword ResearchGoogle Business Profile, and Competitive Analysis, and create a Content Strategy for you.

In terms of execution, we fix broken links, apply Meta Tags, improve Alt tags, and submit a new XML sitemap.

Then we review the results of our work and write up a plan for you to use or implement as an ongoing strategy.

If we have not already done the SEO Sligo Assessment, we start with that and then work on the SEO report it generates.

Are there any guarantees of results?

Yes, in short, we do offer Guarantees. And yes, that is rather unusual.

How can we offer guarantees? Well, we have been doing this for a long time, so we know who we can help and who is not a good fit for us. After 20 years as a web design agency doing SEO in Sligo, you get to know what you are good at. So we are confident enough in our SEO abilities that we can give assurances, guarantees, or promises. Talk to us about it. We do not expect people to throw money at us and pray that we deliver some results. Why shouldn’t we share in the investment or the risk?

And we can give you references from  happy Irish clients.

SEO Sligo Monthly Ongoing Service – Step 2

We can take the reins from here. Take incremental steps, at whichever pace you like, using whichever targets we agree. You’ll pay a low monthly fee, and we’ll make everything happen for you – profitably.  Learn more about your SEO Plan Options in Sligo.

SEO Sligo Kickoff – Option 

If you’re looking for faster results than our Monthly SEO service offers, consider our Kickoff SEO program — a one-time, one-month project where we do all of the initial SEO work from the Assessment for you, super quickly.  Know your SEO Sligo plan options.

What’s Included in  SEO Sligo Kickoff?

SEO Sligo Kickoff is a one-time project to properly build your website’s SEO foundation.
It’s completed over the course of two months and includes:

Research & Planning of SEO

We complete the research and strategic planning needed to direct your website towards steady growth. We’ll review our findings with you and get your feedback.

Execution of SEO tasks
We identify focus keywords, write page titles and meta descriptions, update your alternative text, fix broken links, dial in your headers, and so much more.

Results of SEO

We expect to see your website ranking higher in the search results within weeks of completing the execution phase. We’ll review your SEO progress with you.


Can you can take the SEO reins from there?

SEO Sligo Kickoff takes care of the initial work for you so that you can see results more quickly and with less hands-on work.

Once we’ve completed the SEO Sligo Kickoff, you’ll be in a great place to continue your SEO journey on your optimised platform.

Thanks to SEO Sligo Kickoff, you’ll already have a 12-month content plan. You’ll also have an SEO roadmap with marketing tactics for increasing your website’s trust and authority.

Or you can have us work on ongoing monthly SEO on your behalf – your call.