The Comfort Zone – a MeanIT Podcast with successful business people and thought leaders who share some of their knowledge with us

Pádraic O’ Maille

‘The SMACHT Guy’! Pádraic O’Maille is a well known figure in Ireland and further afield who is best known for his lively training workshops and motivational talks. He has helped thousands of large corporations reach their full potential and is a sought after speaker and trainer. Pádraig is also the CEO of, an author, mentor and proud Irish speaker. Visit for more.

Emma Boylan

We should all be thinking ‘Outside the Box’ according to business owner Emma Boylan who set up a marketing and communications company with that very name. Emma helps small business owners, who struggle with marketing, fill their business with ideal clients and find a faster path to way more money by Standing out and NOT sounding the same as every other business. Visit for more.

Nikki Bradley

Nikki is the client account manager with MeanIT. She is also an adapted adventurer who has made a conscious decision to make the most out of the life she was given. Diagnosed with cancer as a teen toughened Nikki up and allowed her to push fear aside and pursue her dreams. Nikki is a motivational speaker and the founder of a fitness-based awareness campaign called ‘Fighting Fit For Ewing’s. Visit for more.

Derek Walker

Multi-award winner and owner of the Letterkenny Artisan market, Derek Walker, has a passion for an enterprise. Derek also owns ‘Simply Natural Health Letterkenny’ where he supplies frozen shots of wheatgrass to his ever-growing client base. Derek sees challenges as opportunities to grow and despite being deemed medically blind, has pushed through numerous barriers to get to where he wants to go in business. Email simplynaturalhealth [AT] hotmail [DOT]com for info.


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