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Michael MacGinty MEANit Web Design and SEO

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Book a Business Website Meeting with Michael, a synthesiser or guide, who advises businesses on aspects of the web, but also sales and marketing. As our Sales Guide, his job is to help clients make the best decision for them, in as short a time as possible. 

Michael’s Sales Approach

Selling gifts and selling websites, the experience, was the same. The products vary, but the approach remained the same. If you can really deliver value for your potential customer, and generate a good return on any investment, then you could approach sales with confidence. Granted you still have to have a technique, in order to influence the buyer in the decision-making process. The buyers are there to buy but hate to be sold to. Good buyers will give you an opportunity to convince them, but they rarely have spare time, so you better have the right approach. It had better be in the best interests of the buyer if you are to have a relationship that can last past the first sale. And that is the target, to establish an ongoing relationship that is mutually beneficial. This is ideal for you both.

Obviously, you do have to have a way to fill the funnel somehow, then move the potential clients through that funnel, delivering value at every touch point along the way. Learning to use a system CRM or just an Excel spreadsheet will help. As well as automating whatever can be automated, without losing any humanity in the process. And the process has got to be profitable for both of you.

Get to know more about Michael MacGinty and experience client satisfaction working with him. He sells only what benefits his clients. He believes this so much that he will even offer guarantees. He will stand over his products and services.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you want to double or treble your business? Talk to Michael about the ‘MEANit Marketing Blueprint’. This is an ‘application only’ programme, for forward-thinking, ambitious Entrepreneurs who want to really grow their business. This programme is not for 97% of business people. Some people say it makes their head hurt 🙂