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Council Tenders, eTenders, LA Quotes

by | Last updated: Dec 7, 2022

County Council Tenders

Aidan Smith had an open event last week to explain how Councils work with tenders. It was a very interesting, well attended event. Most people were there to say how they do not benefit, but left with a much better idea of how to get included. The main Take Away was contact the Council and ask to be included in local quotes/tenders especially under 25k where they possibly do NOT go to eTenders. Last year Local Councils spent €4.2 bn on Goods & Services.

Tendering tips

Sign up with www.eTenders.gov.ie  in the specific category or categories you belong for projects over 25k
For General Construction, Plant & Machinery sign up to www.LAQuotes.ie
Contact your council and talk to the person who is responsible for your area, whether that is Catering or Photography or any Service – ask to be included for future Quotes.

Aidan explained that each Council may have Frameworks or groups of 4 or 5 suppliers in any sector who could competently deliver a product or service – for example 4 or 5 Photographers or outside caterers. Locally small projects under 25k could be sent to the 4 or 5 “known”people in that Framework, which could last 4 or 5 years.You want to be in one of these.

A Council is looking for MEAT Most Economically Advantageous Tender, which does not mean cheapest. It wants to see competence and Track record, but a new young company could work with an established firm to work together on a tender. Tenders are judged on Price, Quality, Technical Merit, Environment, Service and Delivery.

Tip – make one call today to the Council.

Contact the Council, ask for the person who is responsible for your area, talk to them and get yourself “known” or included as a local supplier for your product or service.
If you do a tender make sure you read it, then reread it well and answer all questions, attach any required supporting documentation, including Tax Clearance Cert etc.
I will make my call today – make yours. If we are not in, we cannot win. Happy Hunting…

And remember, you can apply for a tender as part of a group or in partnership with another company. Indeed you do not have to be a Company to get work from the council.

There is a common perception that the whole system does not work for you, that others benefit at your expense, but with a bit of attention, you just might turn this around in your favour. Talk to your local council and ask for help to make this work for you.

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