Radio Interview January 16th 2019

Donegal Business Network featured on the John Breslin show on Highland Radio on Jan 16th when Michael MacGinty from MEANit Web Design Agency spent about 15 minutes talking about the network and its activities. The conversation covered other local and national business networks and the practice of networking in general. The point was made that people buy people, so networking is an ideal way to discover new business opportunities. John has a genuine interest in how networking helps local businesses, so they touched on everything from Linkedin to the local Chamber of commerce. Have a listen here.

Does Radio Advertising work?

As Digital Natives, we do not generally recommend advertising on radio or in newspapers. It is very hard to measure the return on any such investment. At the same time measuring the return on any investment in online advertising is so much easier. But, after this interview with John Breslin on Highland Radio, we got a tremendous reaction, within minutes. The phone calls we received as a result, proved that in Donegal, advertising on the local radio station Highland Radio can work very well. Maybe it was John Breslins audience. Unless we witnessed this first hand we would find the results very hard to believe. But credit where credit is due, we stand corrected. The response was immediate and very positive. If you are in Donegal talk to John Breslin or Caroline Orr about advertising on Highland Radio, call 074 91 25000.

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