Course for Business Owners or Managers to take control of their Website

Sign up for our 12 step course to learning the secrets to a successful website project, featuring proven tips that you can implement straight away.

Twelve 30 Minute Video Courses complete with their own Manuals.

The result for you will be a website that will continually generate leads and deliver the results you want.

And you will be in full control. Save a fortune in wasted advertising spend, learn to earn from any investment of time or money.

A successful website project is an ongoing one

It should result in generating constant leads and sales.

Our guide features 12 short 30 minute video courses covering the topics that are crucial for a winning website project. 

These 12 steps are what we do to generate millions of €uros in sales every year for our own clients. 

When you do these courses you will learn how to manage each topic. In some cases you will then do the work yourself, in others you will know how to delegate the work to the right people.

Some topics will require further study, if you want to become an expert in a specific area. But as a business owner or manager, it is likely that you just want to know what needs to be done in order to delegate it well. Much like owning a good Restaurant and employing a qualified Chef to cook and an experienced Sommelier or Wine Waiter to serve the wine.

This course is not for professional Graphic Designers, Coders or Developers, IT Pros, Photographers, Videographers, Content Creators, SEOs or Digital Marketers. This Course is for the people who might employ the services of these qualified experts.

This course is not intended to teach you to be a technical expert in any of these areas. When you finished each course you will be able to either do or employ someone to do the work required in that step.

The result will be that you will be empowered to take control of your web presence and digital marketing to grow your business. 

Once you invest the 6 hours, you will be in a good position to ensure that you get a good return on any investment in Digital Marketing.

1. Discovery - Writing up a Brief or Plan
2. Wireframe - creating a Layout
3. Keyword Mapping and Planning
4. Choosing the right website platform
5. Creating good content for your website pages
6. Managing your website, adding to it
7. SEO Search Engine Optimisation for your website
8. GMB - Google My Business
9. Blog
10. Hosting, Security and email
11. Social Media
12. Google Ads, Facebook Ads
What is the Investment?

Just €99.00 per topic module chosen

Can I buy just one or two modules?

Yes. You can choose whichever modules you like. Obviously, there are 12 modules to get your website working well and each one is important. However, if you are proficient in any topic, you can skip it here

Is there a Discount or Bulk purchase option?

Yes. Buy the 12 Module bundle and get over 15% off. Instead of paying €1188.00 + vat you pay €999.00 + vat.

What about Guarantees?

If you are unsure for any reason, just invest in one single module to try out. Based on the value you get from that one module you can decide how many others to get. Every individual module will deliver a lot more than €99 of value. If you apply the learning, each module can deliver thousands or hundreds of thousands of €uros in returns.

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