Michael MacGinty

Sales in the DNA
Michael MacGinty has been in sales since he was just a kid. Literally, he started off selling newspapers for John Crerand in Church Lane and delivering milk at age 7 or 8 in Letterkenny. Then he moved up to selling fruit and veg door to door for Jackie Quigg in Derry from a truck after school.

On a Saturday he sold Clubman shirts in the family drapery business, before he started in Hassons Manshop on Ferryquay Street, breaking boxes in the basement. This lead to an opportunity to get some time on the shop floor at 14 selling Menswear, when the shop was busy and short staffed. At 15 he was selling Boyswear in Hassons new store on Ferryquay Street in Derry, making a very handsome commission, selling Bay City Roller trousers and shirts – what a fashion! Tartan trims everywhere and people could not get enough of this 70’s Boy Band apparel. Well done Phil Coulter, you started it all off.

The money was good, the ‘craic’ was mighty and the bug was well and truly caught. If the salesman in him was not there at birth, it was certainly there by his teens, during which he sold clothes, caddied on Sundays in Portsalon and sold garden furniture, which he then had made to order.

Formal Sales Apprenticeship
After college, it was time to go and get some sales training. First stop Marks & Spencer in Belfast, but they did not want to train someone with a family business – smart move. Next stop, House of Fraser and Switzers in Dublin with Tom Ray, where a position was quickly acquired as a trainee manager, working long hours for short money. But what a great experience, selling everything from menswear to homewares, household linens, toys gifts and furs. On days off he made and sold candles in the Dandelion Market, whilst Bono busked at the entrance on St Stephens Green, in dirty old Dublin, before the market made way for the new St Stephens Green Centre.

B2B Sales experience
After two years it was time to move on and very shortly it was time to sell gifts on a commission basis. This was so successful that Michael had to set up a company and soon had to hire a sales team to cover the country. The products sold very well, but the new challenge of managing a team of sales people was a very steep learning curve. Time to read, read and read some more.

Sales Teams – Sales Director or Sales Manager
The challenges faced when hiring and managing a sales team are so different to the challenge of actually selling on your own. It is always a gamble when hiring, regardless of how many tests you do, aptitude, interviews, Myers Briggs, probation etc.

It was back to the drawing board for this position of Sales Director. Personality clashes, lack of motivation, laziness, stubbornness, ego, mood swings, rudeness, addiction and so many other issues would come up. Every human emotion and reaction imaginable. It is like managing any team, where the personal input varies from match to match, day to day. Getting players to do the training can be a push, if you have the wrong people on the bus.

The Sales Director really has to understand and practice the art of selling. And specifically the products or services that your team sells. It is also important to understand human nature. To understand the psychology behind the sales people and the customers.

The Sales Manager can be a different role, if that position is simply to manage the activities and logistics of running the sales team. A good Sales Manager will outsource proper sales training, in order to ensure the best performance from the team. This investment may be what determines the success of a Sales Manager. Usually, companies remove their best salesperson and makes them the Sales Manager, even though they do not have the requisite skills. Sales usually drop, what a surprise! Sales and Management are two very different things.

Michael’s Sales approach
Selling gifts and selling websites, the experience, was the same. The products varied, but the approach remained the same. If you can really deliver value for your potential customer, generate a good return on any investment, then you could approach sales with confidence. Granted you still have to have a technique, in order to influence the buyer in the decision making process. The buyers are there to buy, but hate to be sold to. Good buyers will give you an opportunity to convince them, but they rarely have spare time, so you better have the right approach. It had better be in the best interests of the buyer, if you are to have a relationship which can last past the first sale. And that is the target, to establish an ongoing relationship which is mutually beneficial. This is ideal for you both.

Obviously you do have to have a way to fill the funnel somehow, then move the potential clients through that funnel, delivering value at every touch point along the way. Learning to use a system a CRM or just an Excel spreadsheet will help. As will automating whatever can be automated, without losing any humanity in the process.

Read more of Michael’s Sales tips HERE with loads of accumulated snippets of advice and reflections on lessons learned.

Selling is the best job in the world. If you do it right, you will never go hungry. If you can truly sell, then you can decide what to sell and therefore how much you will earn. There need be no cap on that figure, IF you truly understand selling.

Michael is said to be able to sell snow to Eskimos and sand to the Arabs, but he appreciates that this would add no value to either. For that reason he sells only what benefits his clients. He believes this so much that he will even offer guarantees. He will stand over his products and services. The aim is still the same, find potential customers, who can benefit from our services and deliver value beyond their expectations. And realise that it is our duty to influence others to take action for their sake as well as ours.

Why not have a 30 minute complimentary conversation with Michael to see if he can add value for your business.

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Michael’s Plans for the Future
Short term is to ensure that MEANit Web Design Agency becomes known as the best in the North West bar none and this is pretty much true already. Then grow the agency to employ 8 to 10 local people in Donegal to design, develop and maintain effective websites for 100’s of professionals nationwide. Donegal is an ideal place to grow the agency as the quality of life is excellent, especially if the remuneration is reasonable enough to allow the team enjoy life and their work. We are committed to paying good remunerations to great people and being an equal opportunities employer. We never ‘offshore’ work as we believe in supporting Irish people to protect Irish jobs, by helping businesses be professional online, to get the leads they really really want…

Michael is unusual, in that he delivers value, every time – guaranteed Charlie Doherty

CEO, Better for Business

Michael and the team at MEANit developed our company website. We can highly recommend their approach and service. An excellent piece of work.With many thanks. Garry Clarke

Senior Legal Partner, Lanigan Clarke Solicitors

Years of experience coupled with up to the minute technical expertise and a real desire to deliver for their clients puts Michael & his team at the head of their field. We have referred clients to MEANit and without exception they have all been impressed with the results. Highly recommended. Philip McGonigle ACCA

Senior Partner, McLaughlin McGonigle Accountants

I’ve worked with MEANit for a number of years and found them very professional, friendly and easy to work with. They always have the customer’s needs to the fore. They stay up-to-date with the latest technology and web developments and make it easy for the customer to manage their own site. I highly recommend the team at MEANit Janine Sullivan

Graphic Designer, JKS Design

MEANit built a great web site for us and listened to what we really wanted. I am pleased to say we ended up with the website that we has envisaged which has really helped our business no end. They are always there for any support and help that we may need. Would definitely recommend them. Michelle Wilmot

Managing Director, Bundoran Adventure Park