Website Design for Construction HB Architects Grange Sligo

“Very happy with the way it looks and thanks again for everything both.”

Bryan Hoey

Architect, HB Architects Sligo

Bryan Hoey Architect Sligo

The Client
Bryan Hoey an Architect based in Sligo was established in 2023 offering high end architecture services.

The Brief
Bryan was busy from the get go, but decided he wanted a web presence that reflected the architecture practice and the quality of the work they do. He is very proud of the work they do, for clients in Sligo, Mayo and further afield.

The Approach
We built a simple or starter website that focused on the architecture services on offer. This was to ensure that Bryan had a web presence. And that someone searching his name would find him.

The Results for Bryan Hoey
Now HB Architects looks online the way they are offline, professional and innovative. Bryan can add as many pages as he likes, as he goes including a Portfolio of work or a Blog. All in his own time.

The Results for MEANit
We have a happy client who is already referring us. We are happy to add this simple website design to our Construction portfolio

HB Architects Grange Sligo Ireland