Very professional and a bit of craic too.. Initially I found you by doing a Google search for website designers. Then I looked at your Portfolio of work. Then I picked out a few of your clients who looked good, then I did a Google search for their services in their areas around Dublin to find that they all ranked very well on page 1. Then I spoke with one of your clients in West Dublin, who sang your praises. Then I contacted you. And I am very happy to recommend your team. Even the Exit Interview was fantastic, with all of the team. Like us you really do develop a relationship with your clients

Tom Watson

CEO, ClearGroup Accounting


Clear Group Accounting Dublin

The Client
A new client Clear Group Accounting Dublin was referred by another happy Dublin financial advice company. Only after he had extensively Googled Website Designers and checked out how well our existing clients from Our Portfolio were ranking in their areas for their services – which was good in all cases. Then Tom talked to one of our Financial Services clients in West Dublin.

The Problem
The old site dated back to 2015, was an old WordPress platform and needed to be upgraded, to allow Tom add, edit and delete content with ease. He also wanted the SEO Search Engine Optimisation worked on.

The Brief
This site had to be custom designed, by Chris, then developed and delivered in May. Search Engine Optimisation was done and the website is ranking very well for its key services, in the target areas.

The Approach
After our initial Discovery meetings with Tom, we moved straight to a wireframe and to custom design and designer Chris came up with an agreed design after a few small revisions. Tom’s attention to detail is fastidious, which explains why he is so good at his job. He misses nothing. Then we built a business website on a WordPress platform using the Divi theme. And we added a suitable Blog, which Tom does use.

The Results for Clear Group
The site launched in late 2020. The team got busy adding member profiles and they are enjoying the new website and how user friendly it is. Tom is posting news items and making great use of the blog. Tom is well able to use his new website platform.

The Results for MEANit
We have another very happy Financial Services client who is also happy to recommend us. And this is ideal for our Business Services Websites Portfolio. Tom signed up for Monthly Support to have us maintain the new site.