The site looks so well now.”


Administrator, DCRA Ireland

Donegal Clinical Research Academy Letterkenny

The Client
The team at DCRA are all volunteers and wanted to have a website that would not look embarrassing, with some good design. No SEO required.

The Problem
The old website had some design elements, but was on an old html platform that needed to be upgraded. DCRA did not want to look amateurish in any way.

The Brief
Take the design elements and move the website to a more modern platform using Joomla.

The Approach
This is a simple project, to take the elements and content from the old site and move it all to the new website.. .

The Results for DCRA is that potential new clients now see DCRA as being professional and can read about their activities.

The Results for MEANit
We have another Charity client and we manage their content for them.