The website helps us look professional and displays the quality of our work internationally. It makes such a difference and we have been complimented by some very big clients.”


CEO, DPPS Contracts

DPPS Construction UK – Ireland

The Client
John at DPPS is based in Ireland, but most of the work done by DPPS especially the Formwork, is being done in the UK. The company wants more UK projects.

The Problem
The old website made the company look small, fringe and lacked any good examples of past projects. The truth is that John and his team are very professional and do very large projects across the UK.

The Brief
It is simple, show DPPS as a professional company working across the UK doing major projects with big clients.Realistically it needed to be a really good digital business card that is easy to find in search in UK.

The Approach
As ever we started with a written Brief of our own interpretation of the project, for approval at DPPS. Then we created a wireframe or layout for approval by the team at DPPS. Then we wrapped that up with a proposed custom design from the clients Graphic Designer for approval.
Then we built a business website that focused on the project portfolio, which is managed at the DPPS offices.

Using photography from DPPS usually pretty raw taken on a mobile phone, plus some professional images. We populated the website with existing content and the pages all flowed better than ever before. We optimised for the agreed key terms. Then we trained two members of the team on managing their own new site. .

The Results for DPPS is that potential new clients now see DPPS as being professional and big enough to take on any size of project.

The Results for MEANit
We have another professional services client which is ideal for us..