“MEANit are simply a world-class web design agency. They brought the vision of my website to life over the course of 6 months and I get complimented every single day by customers, investors and brand partners about how beautiful it is. I cannot recommend MEANit enough. John & Michael are a pleasure to work with. They are phenomenal guides and teachers. And I’m so thankful for everything they have built for Everyday Entrepreneur over the last two years. If you’re thinking about building a phenomenal website that blows the competition away, these are your guys!​”

Cornelius McGrath

CEO & Founder, Everyday Entrepreneur

Everyday Entrepreneur | Chicago | America

Everyday Entrepreneur is a new media collective that creates, produces and distributes premium content for visionaries. Think of us as the Player’s Tribune for the men and women reinvigorating America and the world through free enterprise; we act as bespoke creative partners for the world’s brightest people, brands, organizations, and cities.

Our mission is to find the best in their proverbial games and create authentic “Netflix-original” stories around their legacy, philosophies and life practices. We want to document the stories that nobody else is telling because this is the best way to bridge the divides that exist across our world, and ensure credit’s given where credit’s due.

Hearts and minds are changed through storytelling. Forget geography, academic credentials, wealth, or the ads your story might sell. Our only barometer is merit. We want people to be inspired by the work that surrounds them and show the world that magic can be manifested anywhere, by anyone, at any time.

The Client
Cornelius McGrath, Notre Dame Alum, West London SoulBoy livin’ the American dream. Everyday Entrepreneur is based in Chicago, but working with Entrepreneurs and creatives across America.

The Problem
Cornelius wanted to get the vision in his head on to the web and have it look as sharp as he imagined. This would entail weeks of design and design revision, months of content creation and weeks and weeks of development. Quite a challenge. And some say he may be a perfectionist – no pressure!

The Brief
The task started with getting the picture from Cornelius’s head and translated by Janine, to get a design that worked,before developing a thing. Nothing started until the design was finalised, including tweaks from Shaun the EE in-house graphic designer.

The Approach
We started with a written Brief of our own interpretation of the project, for approval by Cornelius. Then we created a wireframe or layout for approval. Then we wrapped that up with a proposed custom design for approval, which was excellent and still got worked over, improved and sharpened up. The site had to look simple, and then deliver way beyond a visitors expectations. Then we built a business website that focused on the courses on offer, whilst backing them up with any of the supporting information that might be required to answer any questions 24/7/365.

Using great photography and videography from EE plus some custom graphic elements and pages, we populated the website with very high quality content and ensured the pages all flowed seamlessly. We optimised for the agreed key terms. Then we trained Cornelius on managing the new site, something he picked up very quickly. He was blown away by the power and the simplicity of it all and within days had mastered the site, taken control and started building upon the foundation.

The Results for Everyday Entrepreneur
The website gets complimented by most people who see it. The attention to detail, the flow, the content and the delivery is all so sharp. Cornelius has a publishing platform and makes great use of it. Wander around and get a feel for a very special website. The target audience loves this website and what EE has to offer.

The Results for MEANit
We have a Business Services client who is happy that they made the right call for design and development, based on a hunch, gut feeling and a recommendation from another Notre Dame alum.
We love this website, it consumed us for quite some time, as it was truly a one off and we love how much people like it. Most of all, to see Cornelius make so much of it, is truly rewarding for everyone who worked on the project.