Had the pleasure of working with Michael and his team. We came to them with a time sensitive project and they delivered on all fronts. Thanks to them our new website is live and generating us new clients. Would highly recommend.

Evan O'Sullivan

Project Manager, Galbraith Construction

Galbraith Construction Donegal

The Client
Bert Galbraith came back in 2020 to get a new website to replace an old Joomla one we built for him in 2015. That old one was responsible for getting Galbraith Construction ranked as Number 1 on Page 1 for Donegal Builder and other related terms. Bert was not totally convinced that he needed a whole new website, because the old one seemed to be working very well indeed.

The Problem
Bert was very happy with the ranking of the old site, so he wanted to maintain that ranking at all costs. On top of that he wanted to look like a company with a big personality. And an attention to detail in the quality of their builds. This was to appeal specifically to the bigger budget residential projects.

The Brief
This site had to be custom designed, by their graphic designer Ruth Graham – great job it is too. And we had to include a portfolio section. Professional photographer Clive Wasson was tasked to do photos and videos. Within a year Bert wanted the site to be attracting high end projects, the ones that suited his team best. So he invested heavily in this new website.

The Approach
After our initial Discovery meetings with Bert, we moved straight to a wireframe and to custom design and designer Ruth came up with an agreed ‘quirky’ design, with a big personality. Bert was really busy, so he appointed Evan O’Sullivan as the Project Manager on the project. This helped hugely with the collation and creation of content for the website. Evan fastidiously chased up the content and got it all ready for the Developers. Wonderful attention to detail, just as Bert likes it to be. Then we built a business website on a WordPress platform using the Divi theme. And we added a suitable dynamic Blog for any news or portfolio items.

The Results for Galbraith Construction
The site launched in early 2021. Bert and Evan were very happy. But Bert would await some concrete proof, before passing judgement. The new site is exactly what they wanted. The design got Bert smiling.
Within weeks Bert was signing a contract for the type of project he really wanted. Within a few months, the company was booked out for the rest of the year and in to 2022. Any sceptism that may have surrounded the actual extent of the investment, was soon put to rest. This excellent construction company is now building the biggest and best houses in East Donegal.

The Results for MEANit
We have another very happy if challenging client, one who is hard to impress. He is also happy to recommend us. And this is ideal for our Portfolio as a Construction website project. Bert signed up for a website support plan to protect his investment.

Here is what the Boss himself had to say:
We have been working with Michael for the last six years.
We gave him a brief to get our construction company to no 1 in the google ratings and google searches for builder Donegal
Michael with the help of his team has delivered that.
Galbraith Construction have always found MEANit very supportive and helpfull when we have asked for help over the last few years.”