“Thanks a Million !!!!!! It was a pleasure working with you. Call in anytime you are passing for a cuppa”

Gwen Clarke

Financial Adviser, Gwen Clarke Financial Services

GCFS Financial Services Kildare – Gwen Clarke

GCFS Financial Services Kildare – Gwen Clarke

The Client
Gwen Clarke is a very well respected local Financial Adviser in Kildare. With over 20 years in the area her business has grown through word of mouth.

The Problem
Gwen had no web presence as such. People regularly asked, where is your website? Gwen decided it was time to tackle this marketing challenge, getting her first ever website. However she is a stickler for details – which is a very good thing in a financial adviser.

The Brief
Gwen wanted the website to have sharp design, ‘real’ photography and a professional look – Financial Advice is serious business and Gwen takes it very seriously. The request was for a website that would be mobile friendly, responsive, easy to navigate on a small screen. And the new website should allow people book and pay for appointments online, especially on a smart phone. 

The Approach
We met with Gwen and her Marketing Agency, and we had a great discovery session. Then we started with a written Brief of our own interpretation of the project, for approval by Gwen. Then we created a wireframe or layout for approval by the team. Then we created a custom design for approval, which needed no revisions, as Gwen loved it. The professional photos Gwen supplied were perfect. Then we built a business website that focused on the services with the supporting information to answer any questions.

The Results for Gwen
The site has already started ranking well, as of Jan 2020 it is on Page 2 and climbing fast – having launched in November in a competitive space. Gwen started getting calls within weeks and now they are increasing steadily. The website is now a part of Gwen’s presentation when talking to groups of employees and company management. 

The Results for MEANit
We have another very happy client who is also happy to recommend us. And once again this is ideal for our Portfolio of case studies.We love happy clients and Gwen was a pleasure to work with. GCFS is signed up for Monthly Website Support so it is secure and working well.