Working smoothly and we signed up to Monthly Support. Thank you”

Kirsty Laverty

Office Manager, JC Engineering

JC Engineering Donegal

The Client
Award winning Engineering firm and National Guild of Master Craftsmen, based in Donegal with clients all over the north of Ireland.

The Problem
The old site was one of three, so the web presence waqs very confusing and looked unprofessional. Kirsty and James wanted one single professional looking website..

The Brief
This site had to be custom designed, by Chris, then developed and delivered in late 2020. Kirsty was to be trained to be able to manage the new website – and be in a position to be able to do so. And it needed to have an eCommerce platform to allow JCE sell online.

The Approach
After our initial Discovery meeting with Kirsty, we moved straight to a wireframe and to custom design and designer Chris came up with an agreed design after a few small revisions. Then we built a business website on a WordPress platform using the Divi theme. And we added a suitable eCommerce plugin and configured it for the team to use

The Results for JC Engineering
The site launched in late 2020. Now the web presence is very tidy, so there is no confusion. JCE can add, edit or delete content now. And use the website to market the firm online.

The Results for MEANit
We have another very happy client who is also happy to recommend us. And this is ideal for our Construction Portfolio. And JCE signed up for a Monthly Support Plan so we can manage the website security and performance for them.