“Great design, wonderful website”

Karl Bonner

Cluster Manager, Killybegs Marine Cluster

Killybegs Marine Cluster – Donegal

The Client

Karl Bonner heads up Killybegs Marine Cluster an industry driven organisation that aims to build capacity with the SMEs working within the Blue Economy

The Problem
The Killybegs Marine Cluster Blue Economy is quite broad and currently comprises several blue industries. It was essential that they get a web presence to promote who they are and what they do.

The Brief
Karl was very clear that he wanted a simple website, well designed, easy to navigate and able to inform the visitor about the cluster.

The Approach
We built a business website custom designed by Chris. Added what content we were given. Then did some optimisation. Finally Maryann did some training with Karl, to ensure he could use the website himself.

The Results for Killybegs Marine Cluster
Now they look professional, in a position to tell their story and educate people about the aims and activities of the  Killybegs Marine Cluster.

The Results for MEANit
We have a happy client for our Non-Profit and Construction portfolio.