McIntyre Engineering Donegal

“We are getting loads of really good enquiries. And compliments on our website too.”

Noel McIntyre

Owner, McIntyre Engineering Donegal

McIntyre Engineering Donegal

The Client
Noel McIntyre set up McIntyre Engineering just outside St Johnston in east Donegal over a quarter of a century ago. They plan, design and install Gates and Electric Gate options throughout the North West. And they make bespoke fencing and other steel products, mainly for the Agri sector.

The Supplier
Noel had been so busy over the years that he did not need a website, but when he got time to look at website designers, he chose MEANit because he knew of them and knew they had been around for decades.

The Brief
Noel wanted to highlight their Electric Gate options for customers around Letterkenny and in the NorthWest. McIntyre Engineering is probably the only firm that actually does everything involved in the planning, design, installation and set up of electric gates in the area. And he also maintains the gates.

He got MEANit to design a custom website and do the search engine optimisation, to get them found in Google.

The Approach
We planned and  built a custom designed, business website that focused on the various Gates types, including electric gate. Using photography and descriptions from Noel, we populated the website. We optimised for these Gates and fencing options.

The Results for McIntyre Engineering
Within the first few months, we got traction with the target audience, with good pre-qualified enquiries and actual orders for the electric gate options.

The Results for MEANit
We have a happy client for our Construction category – see Review. Or ring Noel.

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