“We are very pleased with what you have done for us, very pleased. Now we look like we really are and the enquiries have been coming in from people all over the world. We know we can add a lot more information, but again, you have our team trained so well to do this themselves. This was so overdue, but we are very happy. And we will be back to you again in 2019”

Mike Murphy

CEO, Moolicious Foods Ltd

Moolicious Foods Ltd – Moville

A Global Web Presence for an Irish firm

The Client
Michael Murphy says that Moolicious Foods has an almost unique offering in Ireland. They offer Aseptic liquid food packaging services in 12,000 square state of the art premises. Plus they offer R&D services. They do white label work for clients across the globe. But there was no website, just a ‘Coming Soon’ page that made the company look small. 

The Brief
Moolicious Foods said that a new website was required, to show the firm as well established. One that they could edit themselves, add products and services etc. The Logo had to stay and its colours of powder blue, red and yellow used in the design. This helps brighten an otherwise typically all white environment. The site had to reflect the firm’s professionalism, but also show it’s fun side, it’s innovative side. And it had to be designed so that it would be engaging for people in the East, with colourful images and loads of green grass.

The Approach
We built a theme designed, business website that focused on promoting the services offered. We optimised for these services and trained the clients in-house team on managing their own new website. They are now very much in control of how they look online. Reaction from their clients has been swift. Some love the fun of it, whilst others would like to see more product focused imagery. But they are all very happy that it answers the questions that get asked and help this Donegal plant get found in China, Russia and UAE, as well as recent US enquiries. All these people start at the website and end up with Mike Murphy, who is a font of knowledge on the subject of Aseptic Packaging.

The Results
Potential clients now get information on the site, in a multitude of languages, about the services offered and the plant, before they call, so they are ready to engage. The site saves a lot of time for clients and the team. Callers already know what the production plant specialises in. And whether their requirements are likely to be met. The site ranks very well for all agreed keywords and terms. Moolicious have received enquiries from all over the world, from the exact clients they wanted to hear from. The website has been instrumental in supprting the Sales Team when they travelled to and exhibited at the prestigious Gulfood exhibition.