Prokleen Window Cleaning Specialists Video Testimonial

Prokleen in Letterkenny has been a family business in Donegal for over 40yrs. My Father started the business as Donegal Cleaning services in 1983.
Over recent years it has grown well, but rather organically.
With transport costs going through the roof, it was time to get strategic and target areas closer to home,
I searched the web for a web design stroke digital marketing company that we could work with that would listen and understand our needs. But most were just generic and impersonal.
Then we were introduced to Michael and the MEANit team.
What an amazing team. This is where web design and Search Engine Optimisation expertise meet, good old fashioned customer relations merge and give total peace of mind.
Since starting our relationship with MEANit Web Design Agency our main task has been scheduling the Residential and Commercial cleaning work rather than looking for it.
Continuing communication with the MEANit Team is allowing our professional cleaning services offering to adapt to ever changing customer needs and market changes through out the year.

Andrew Pond

Owner, Prokleen Window Cleaning Specialists

Click the video to hear what Andrew from Prokleen had to say about his experience of working with MEANit Web Design & SEO Agency

Prokleen Window Cleaning Specialists

The Client
Andrew Pond manages Prokleen Donegal in Letterkenny, providing Window Cleaning and Powerwashing or Soft Washing along with Red Algae Cleaning options throughout the North West for the past 40 years, so he is second generation. Josh is third generation and he is now on the tools learning the trade and getting to know the clients, many of whom are also second or third generation clients.

The Supplier
Having waited until they had the capacity to take on more work, Andrew called us at MEANit when he was ready, to keep Josh busy.

The Brief
Andrew wanted to grow the business and through SEO wanted to generate new leads quickly for certain cleaning services and in specific areas.

Once they were ready to push take on the extra work, they got MEANit to upgrade the website and the search engine optimisation, to get them found in Google for these services.

The Approach
We upgraded their business website that focused on the window cleaning services. Using photography and descriptions from Andrew, we populated the website. We optimised for these other cleaning options.

The Results for Prokleen Donegal
Within the first few days, we got traction with the target audience, with good enquiries and actual orders for the added cleaning options. Number 1 on Page 1 of Google for all services now.

The Results for MEANit
We have a happy client in the Construction Web Design category who is very happy to refer us – see Google 5* Review.

Prokleen Window Cleaning Specialists Donegal
Prokleen Window Cleaning Specialists Donegal