We are getting loads of compliments and great reviews. And products are selling on our website”

Sharron McGee

Founder, Sharrons Hairdressers

Sharrons Hairdressers Letterkenny Donegal

The Client
Sharron McGee at Sharrons Hairdressers in Letterkenny County Donegal​

The Problem
Sharron had a website and lots of promises from previous providers, but poor ranking and no enquiries after a lot of false promises. This time Sharron wanted it done right. That is the way Sharron likes things done.

The Brief
This site used a theme design, then developed and delivered in January. The optimisation was ‘critical’ for this website. And the excellent photography was done by Rosie McGinty Photography.

The Approach
After our initial Discovery meeting with Sharron, we moved straight to a wireframe and to find a theme design. We came up with an agreed design after a search. Then we built a starter website on a WordPress platform using the Divi theme. And we added a suitable eCommerce plugin and configured it for Sharron team to use to sell some products online

The Results for Sharrons Hairdressers
The site launched in late February 2021. The site is already ranking at the top of page 1 for many of its key terms thanks to the ‘critical’ SEO search engine optimisation. And it looks great, thanks to the development and the photography

The Results for MEANit
We have another very happy client who is also happy to recommend us. And whilst this is not ideal for our eCommerce Portfolio, it is just not a sector we work in much. Nevertheless we were delighted to ensure Sharron was treated well by a web design agency. This lady is a crazy hard worker and a good business person.