“Michael I absolutely love this!”

Angela McGlanaghey

Manager, Simple Simons Wholefood shop & Restaurant

Simple Simons Wholefods Store

Simple Simons Wholefood Store and Restaurant Donegal Town

The Client
Simple Simons wholefood store and restaurant owner Finbar Rock and Manager Angela McGlanaghey

The Problem
The store and restaurant is 25 years old and has its own unique identity, with a very loyal Community. We were chosen to design a look that would sit well with customers and shoppers. There was no previous website, so nothing to build on, no brand guidelines, no real examples of what would work well.

The Brief
After 25 years, with this unique identity and loyal Community, we were chosen to design a look that would sit well. And also add a backend that Angela could use with relative ease. And add an eCommerce store for selling wholefoods online. Make it mobile friendly, responsive, and easy to navigate on a small screen, because that is where the Community is at. Simple!!

The Approach
After our initial meetings with Finbar and Angela, we started with a written Brief of our own interpretation of the project, for their approval. Then we created a wireframe or layout for approval. Then we created a quirky eco custom design – again for approval, They both loved Janines design out of the gates. The professional photos of the whole team look great. Then we built a business website on a WordPress platform using the Divi theme and added a WooCommerce shop for the wholefoods store. After a bit of 1 to 1 training with Maryann, Angela was off on her own. A seasoned blogger, this was no problem to her..

The Results for Simple Simons
The site has just been launched in February 2020 – watch this space. The client is very happy and the website is being officially launched in March. Now customers can check the daily menu, see which soup is on and which main course they want, all before they walk in the door. Shoppers can see which items are on special offer in the shop. And the whole Community can benefit from all the tips and guides that are provided via the News Blog.

The Results for MEANit
We have another very happy client who is also happy to recommend us. And this is ideal for our Portfolio of case studies. We are very limited in the number of new clients we can take on at any time and eCommerce is not an area we want to develop, but this is our favourite eatery in Donegal Town. So we really did want to deal with these guys. And we love the design and the fact that they love it so much. This is a very organised client, with very clear views on what they liked, very decisive and communicative –  thank you both. Enjoy your new online presence.