“Great fast and detailed response, no problem too small, no problem too big for MEANit”

Seamus McDermott

Owner, The Safety Man

The Safety Man – Health and Safety Training

The Brief
The Safety Man had a slow, but well established Joomla website and an old blog. Seamus wanted to upgrade to get a new platform that would deliver faster, rank better, be more responsive and be easier to edit, as well as looking more professional. A good shopping list.

Our Approach
We drew up a site plan with navigation, a simple wireframe, then with the clients approval, we built out on WordPress. We integrated the clients Blog and trained him how to use it. We also brought over all his old blog posts. Then we did some basic search engine optimisation to help the site get found for its key words or terms. And we did some work to ensure that the site would deliver in the optimal 3 seconds as desired by Google.

The Results
The site is indeed delivering in the magic 3 seconds, it is already ranking well for its key words and terms and it is much easier for Seamus to manage. Whilst there was no custom design applied, the new website looks so much more professional, so we expect that the phone will be ringing more going forward.