“The enquiries and orders are coming in every single day!!!”

Shae Potter

CEO, Tub Hub Ireland

TubHub Ireland

TubHub Ireland – Hot Tubs, Spas, Jacuzzis and Saunas

The Client
TubHub Ireland supply Nationwide and offer a vast range of Spas, Jacuzzis, Hot Tubs and Saunas

The Problem
The old website looked fine, but did not get much traffic and very few visitors engaged in any way whatsoever. Optimisation was poor. Content was thin. The platform was not worth using, as it was not fit for purpose. Having already invested in a website, the client was very unsure about doing it all over again, with another sizeable investment

The Brief
The client said create an engaging website, optimise it, increase the number of visitors and get the phone ringing ! Simple.

The Approach
After our initial Discovery meetings, we started with a written Brief of our own interpretation of the project, for approval. Then we created a wireframe or layout for approval. Then we created a custom design based on the Logo and colourways – again for approval, which we got first time out. The client set about gathering loads of content, product images and specifications. Meantime we built a business website on a WordPress platform using the Divi theme and added a WooCommerce shop for the store. 

The Results for Tub Hub Ireland
The site launched in February 2020 and within 6 weeks was getting genuine enquiries and subsequent orders. The client is ecstatic and is very busy just keeping up with demand. The success of the website is just the start, as Tub Hub will increase the range soon to offer more accessories and options

The Results for MEANit
We have another very happy client who is also happy to recommend us. To a point where they asked if we could stop the site somehow for a week or two. No way, this has been a huge success for both of us. And this is ideal for our Portfolio of eCommerce case studies. We are very limited in the number of new clients we can take on at any time and general eCommerce is not an area we want to develop, but this client controls the pricing Nationwide, so the project is one we like.