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Kickoff SEO

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Kickoff SEO Works QUICKLY

Our clients use Kickoff SEO to drive the steps required to grow their organic traffic.

SEO takes dedication and time — and there’s nothing wrong with that. Most good things happen over time with some level of dedicated work.

But what if you want to accelerate your results? What if you want to get set up and start seeing results more quickly?

That’s where Kickoff SEO comes in.

What is Kickoff SEO?

What if you could skip keyword research, content strategising, and backlink analysis? What if you could cut your ongoing monthly SEO efforts in half? With Kickoff SEO, you can.

With Kickoff SEO, our experienced SEO guys and gals, like Hannah or Rory, Maryann or Michael, do the work to build a solid SEO foundation for you.

We follow a holistic approach to SEO by focusing equally on technical SEO, content, on-site optimization, and off-site SEO.


What’s Included in Kickoff SEO?

Kickoff SEO is a one-time project to properly build your website’s SEO foundation.
It’s completed over the course of two months and includes:

Research & Planning

We complete the research and strategic planning needed to direct your website towards steady growth. We’ll review our findings with you and get your feedback.

We identify focus keywords, write page titles and meta descriptions, update your alternative text, fix broken links, dial in your headers, and so much more.


We expect to see your website ranking higher in the search results within weeks of completing the execution phase. We’ll review your progress with you.


You take the SEO reins from there…

Kickoff SEO takes care of the initial work for you, so that you can see results more quickly and with less hands-on work.

Once we’ve completed the Kickoff SEO program, you’ll be in a great place to continue your SEO journey on your optimised platform.

Thanks to Kickoff SEO, you’ll already have a 12-month content plan. You’ll also have a roadmap for increasing your website’s trust and authority by following real-world marketing tactics.

Or you can have us work on ongoing monthly SEO on your behalf – your call


From €2,250, one time

Kickoff SEO Typical Questions - FAQs

Can Kickoff SEO be completed on any and all websites?

Kickoff SEO can be completed on most WordPress websites that are for Professional Services Businesses – this is our sweet spot.

We do not work with huge Enterprise websites or eCommerce such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and Drupal. And we know nothing about proprietary or closed platforms such as Squarespace, Wix or Shopify.

If I have a new website in development, when should I get started with Kickoff SEO?

The sooner the better. Completing the research and planning phase now ensures that the new website’s content and structure will pair well with your keyword space.

What do we need to focus on?

Basic business principles apply.
What problems do you solve? What are the benefits of your solution?
Would anybody be willing to pay you a decent price for this solution? One that makes you a profit.
For whom, as in who is your target market?
Who are your main business competitors or other solutions?
What is your target turnover?
Which strategies are to be employed?
Which tactics will be used to reach targets?
How will you measure success?
Who will be responsible for overseeing these efforts?

What are the next steps?

Is your Kickoff SEO price flexible?

The investment is based on previous projects, but we are always happy to look at potential projects and quote individually.

What happens in Kickoff SEO?

If we did an SEO Assessment for you already we apply this to your website. We do research and planning to cover Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Research, Google Business Profile, Competitive Analysis and create a Content Strategy for you.

In terms of execution we fix broken links, apply Meta Tags, improve Alt tags and submit a new XML sitemap.

Then we review the results of our work and write up a plan for you to use or implement as an ongoing strategy.

Are there any guarantees of results?

Yes, in short, we do offer guarantees. And yes, that is rather unusual.

How can we offer guarantees? Well, we have been doing this for a long time, so we know who we can help and who is not a good fit for us. After 20 years you get to know what you are good at, so we are confident enough in our abilities that we can give assurances, guarantees or promises. Talk to us about it. We do not expect people to throw money at us and pray that we deliver some results. Why should’nt we share in the investment.