Town Group Websites Plan

Low monthly investment, high value, managed, supported, optimised, editable website platform that will work well for your individual group or association members. This is NOT an Enterprise eCommerce option. No Contract Required. No Hosting Fees.

Get your Town Group websites created and managed by one dependable supplier

Working with us means that everyone in your group gets the website that they need for their own specicfic purposes. Plus they get the benefit of no big commitment and no contract. We get to understand your specific town and the needs of each individual business, practice or outlet, to manage their online presence.

Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit for each other.
Book a complimentary 30 minutes consultation on us – No commitment, just a chat

Content Management

Easy to use content editor, allows you to add, edit and delete content – text, images, pages

Data Management

Collect your GDPR compliant enquiries and visitor traffic stats automatically

Community Management

You could manage multiple websites for your members as a webmaster

Analyse Your Visitor Data

Your website comes with a built in Google Analytics Dynamic Report which shows your traffic or visitor numbers, to allow your members see how many visitors they get to their individual website. All this in the the websites own dashboard.
Free advice on how to get found for your key service offering and loads of free video tutorials for the inquisitive.
GDPR Compliance guidance included. Basically, we manage the awkward stuff and keep you compliant.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

* Look Professional and Be Effective online.
* Answer Frequently Asked Questions online to save you time
* Use your website to do surveys, ask and answer questions, take bookings or get feedback.
* Your website platform will be continually updated, so it does not get old and jaded or fall behind in its technology. It will not get hacked and it will perform well 24/7/365
* We can customise your websites to suit your specific group members needs. And the members can engage our team to do custom changes or add in more functionality. We are here to engage and support each business.

Our Services – tailored to your needs

We build websites that generate the results you want, to get you found in a certain area for a specific service, to save your time, to get more enquiries or take bookings etc.
Ideal for any group or association, with members such as Beauticians to Hairdressers, Chiropractors to Coaches, Doctors to Dentists, Physios to Psychologists etc.
Note: This is ideal for any business owner who does not want to learn how to build their own website.

Why is it good for groups?

We tailor the layout to suit your specific group, so that all members look professional and get found in their area, for the services they offer. They can add, edit or delete their own content or have us do it. We help with SEO and include guides to editing the website. Learn to blog or post news or special offers, add images, videos, galleries, case studies etc.
Note: This is NOT an Enterprise eCommerce option

Responsive Design

Every website is mobile responsive and mobile adaptive, to suit your target market


We target specific keywords or terms, in each members specific geographic area

Editable Pages

Full Content Management System, to allow you edit the pages

What is included?

Green Logo – Your existing logo on each page
Green Colours – your colours used in the site design
Green Social channels integration Facebook etc
Green Contact details, Tel, Address, email
Green Contact Form
Green Booking Form – Booking Engine integration option
Green Email forwarder
Green SEO – Search Engine Optimisation to get you found in your area for your services. What is SEO?
Green GoogleMyBusiness/KnowledgeGraph configuration
Green Google Analytics Dashboard to let you see visitor numbers
Green Monthly Performance Report sent to you
Green Centralised Webmaster permissions option for control

What else is included?

Green WordPress Open Source CMS website
Green User friendly website editor – front and back end editor to add or edit pages and blog posts
Green Blog/News for you to promote services and publish news, tips or offers
Green A page for Home, Services, About, FAQs, Contact
Green FAQs Frequently asked questions
Green More pages for individual services pages if required
Green Monthly website support, software update and security patches
Green Monthly Performance Report/Annual review
Green Secure Hosting
Green Video User Manuals in site
Green Technical Support

We Design for Mobile Platforms first

Every business is different, so every layout has to be customised for it. We build your mobile website to suit your local market. Most of your visitors or potential clients will find you in a mobile search, before moving to a tablet, laptop or desktop, to engage with you.
We design your website for both mobile and desktop, plus tablet. It is one single website that looks slightly different in mobile to work well in the smaller screen.
Your website will show you the traffic or visitor figures to allow you monitor its success in terms of visitor numbers.
Auto dial is included in the mobile view, as is one click email. And we can include Instant Chat.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

Leave it with us to develop your website to work well cross platform, cross browser and on any screen size.

Project Research
We get to understand your business and market

We draw up a proposed custom plan for your group

We design to suit your market and your specific needs

We develop a custom layout and editor for your members

Let’s talk

Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit for each other.
Book a complimentary 30 minutes consultation on us – No commitment, just a chat.

Who is this group website plan suitable for? Ideal for any urban business group or association, with members such as Beauticians to Hairdressers, Chiropractors to Coaches, Doctors to Dentists, Physios to Psychologists etc.

What are the group website plan costs?
Option 1Simple site for €300 up front and €30 a week, about €4 a day – the price of a cup of coffee!
Option 2Business site, double the size and the rate. Upgrade or downsize at any time. Rather than simply sell a product, we create what you need. Talk to us about what exactly you want for your members.

What is the cost for a website?

The investment is simple – it is €300 and €30 a week, so about €4 a day for a simple 5 page website. Get double the size for double the investment, to add pages that are optimised for separate services.

Is there really No Contract?

There is No Contract – This puts the onus on us to deliver results for you. You are in the driving seat. If for any reason you decide to stop, you simply end the direct debit. There are no fees for stopping. There is no 30 day cool off period or termination fee, you just stop if you want. It is up to us to show you the value of what we do for you

Can you edit the website yourself?

Yes, each website uses WordPress as a base platform and you can edit the content yourself. You can add pages, text, photos and news items with relative ease. And we provide video explainers for you.

Is SEO Search Engine Optimisation included?

Having a website without search engine optimisation is a waste of time. And opportunity. We optimise every page of your website to suit your own business.It is part of the package, as is website security, website hosting and contact forms etc.

Is website hosting included?

We provide secure, high quality, fast website hosting as part of the package.

Is website maintenance included?

We provide website maintenance as part of the package. So we do the software and platform updates every month.

Where are the website Developers based?

We only employ people in Ireland, mainly in Donegal. They are all degree qualified and experienced WordPress developers. We never offshore any work to India or anywhere else. This is an Irish company and we want to employ more and more people in Ireland to work with our mainly Irish clients. After 20 years in business in Ireland, we know what we want and it is 100% Irish focused.

Can you buy the website outright?

Yes, you can buy the website for one payment of one year of fees. We will move the website to your own hosting at no extra cost. Whilst we do not recommend it, we do make it easy for you to take the website to your own hosting and take responsibility for it. Some people will want to get their hands dirty with WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation, so we are happy to facilitate that for you. The good news is that this website can grow with you and you do not have to start over again with a whole new website. We do everything to ensure that you get the best advice for your business.