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AI Content Creation

AI Content Creation Tactics – Stop creating poor content for your website!!!!!!!

Google is not going to rank it, even if it ever indexes it, never mind ranking it.

The world is full of people who are trying to to get around Google rules, guidelines and algorithms. In 2023 we will see a plethora of so-called ‘SEO experts’ recommending the use of ChatGPT from OpenAI or other AI or machine learning to create content for websites. Jasper, Wordsmith, Articoolo, Word AI or Quillbot to name just a few of these platforms. Just give them some key words or phrases, add any prompts, then let them spit out hundreds or thousands of words or code – simple. Yes simple, but a minefield for you if you do not edit it sufficiently and check on the source. 

Back to the Future Content Tactics

Years ago these sorts of people would scrape content from other people’s websites, posts or articles to create me too content for their own client websites. Nowadays they are giving these tools to non native speakers and saying use Jarvis to create content. The result is streams of poor quality, uninteresting content. It could make the dumb dumber, so be careful who you let use it to create content for you.

This sort of content was of little value way back in 2010 and is of even less interest in 2023, because Google knows how to handle all of this junk much better now.


Plan Your Content Creation

If you want to write content for your website, it needs to be something new or fresh or different and ideally of interest to anybody who finds it. If you simply write about something that has already been written about a million times or even rehash something that has already been written somewhere else, Google will not feel your content deserves to rank.

Content Indexing V Content Ranking

Currently Google is crawling then discovering pages and not necessarily indexing these poor posts. Or at the very least there is a much longer delay to indexing than there used to be. A big part of this is Google letting you know that your new content is of no great interest, so your posts are not ranking well. What Google would like to see is that any content that you write gets shared and ideally get backlinks as well.

Content marketing in 2023

This is going to require that you only create good content and ideally create great content. Rather than create ten posts or articles about a topic, why not invest the time to create one high quality article. Then go about getting people to share and link to and mention your article in other websites. Google would really like to see you get backlinks from authority websites in your space.

Content Creation in 2023

If I want to create an article on SEO as in search engine optimisation techniques then I would ideally want to be getting backlinks from other websites that are recognised to be expert or authority websites in the whole area of search engine optimization. If I simply write ‘a n other’ article on SEO, Google will have no great interest. Therefore, even when it does eventually get indexed, it will not rank very well.

What is SEO? – start here if you want more information on this huge topic. Now this is a big article.


Image: Sequoia Sonya Huang Generative AI Market Map shows the fast changing Generative AI landscape in late 2022 with many new players coming in to the market. Nowadays we can generate written, photographic and videographic content plus AI voice or audio content. You can now have a ‘voice’ read your book rather than paying for a human to do a voice over reading. However, would you want to listen to this? Engaging, entertaining content will still win the eyes and ears of your website visitors.

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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