Simple Business Websites

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Simple Business Website Donegal

Simple Business Websites

Our starter, small or simple business website designs are perfect for small businesses who want to promote themselves or develop their customer base on the Web. It is easy to get online and great value, with a small investment for a website design that can be upgraded at any time. It is not a one off advertising spend, but rather an investment that keeps giving you a return.
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This CMS platform can grow as you need it to, at your own pace, so it can be phase 1 of a bigger plan.


Our Simple Business Website Design Package comes with 5 pages as standard. Here is the typical navigation layout using 5 or 10 pages

1. Home 2. About Us 3. Services or products 4. Projects or Testimonials 5. Contact Us

You could add in more such as 

  • Clients, Special Offers, Useful Links, Gallery, Blog, Location, Our Team

Please Note: The navigation above is for demonstration purposes only and web pages can be freely added at will. Like Word it is easy to add, edit and delete content. Navigation can be on the top, the left, the right or a mix of all these. Whatever option you choose can be changed at a later date if you want to change it. The website design is created in such a way that you can edit yourself and change anything you want at any time. Colours, Text, Imagery, Downloads, Maps etc etc.

Bigger Business sites will have more content, bigger or even MegaMenus to make it easier to find something. A Visitor should find what they came looking for when they come looking for it. Google will reward with high ranking any site that sucessfully answers a search term query.

This solution is ideally suited to a small business or a new business or any business that does not need a bigger Business website or an online shop at this time. The website platform can be upscaled at any time in the future in line with your growth or new requirements.”

Small Simple Business Website Design – What you get

Simple Business website designs could give your company the web presence it needs for now. Here are the features, layouts & costs:

  • Domain Registration – If you don’t have a domain, we can register it for you. This Small Business Websitedomain would be registered in your name We take care of the complicated stuff for you. Domains have a small annual fee, but we look after the registration and renewals for you for a small fee, if required, your choice.
  • Website Design Template – Every website design needs to have a look that best suits your company brand. We have design templates for you to choose from Free to whatever. You can change the colour, text & imagery. If your company has a unique design/brand/layout required for the website, we can create this specifically for you.
  • Web pages – This Simple website design comes with 5 pages as standard. More pages can be added at any time, by you or us, in the future, so there is no need to try to cover everything on day one.
  • Content Entry – When you have your pages content ready, email them to us and we will upload them to your new website. You have complete control over what your website design says about your business. Any item can be changed at any time. Any special graphic website design work required can be done by us and is billed separately.
  • Image Gallery – You can include 5 to 10 sized images free as part of your basic web design package and you can add more.
  • Attachment Downloads – Each Web page has a facility for attachments allowing visitors to the website download pdf files from your website, such as a price list or timetable. You can include 5 Free as part of your basic package and you can add more.
  • SEO – A website is not just for show, you will need customers to find your business listed on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Our websites are designed with basic SEO in mind, making your website competitive in search engine rankings. We include some Free standard SEO on your Homepage to get your site picked up by Google and we list the site with Google Analytics.
  • Google Maps – This feature allows visitors to view and navigate your location, project locations etc. We include one Free as part of the basic package.
  • YouTube – Any page of your website can contain YouTube content that we can embed for you. A video is a great way of demonstrating your product or service to your customers. You can include one Free as part of the basic web design package.
  • Email Accounts – Email is essential for every business, with this Small Business Package you will get an email forwarder account set up Free.
  • Hosting – An essential part of having a website our Small Business Solution will host on any good hosting service. We recommend Siteground, InMotion or LetsHost, all about €60 pa and we recommend that the hosting account is in your name.
  • Website Statistics – Once your website is up and running you will want to know who was on your website, what they were looking at and where they came from. This is available to you Free using Google Analytics, which we set up as part of the package.
  • This is a lot, but if you need more check out our Business website option for a real professional business web presence.


As a rule, expect to pay about €200 per page for a website. So, if you simply buy a design “theme” for a few dollars, you could have a 5 page website for about €1000.

Recommendations – To make it look better add in a few hundred euros for good Graphic Design and the same to make the site Search Engine Friendly to get it optimised. Still you are up and running for about €1500.

What do you get? 5 Web Pages, Content Entry, 5 Image, 1 Attachment Download, Basic Homepage SEO, 1 Google Map, 1 YouTube video, Google Analytics. Website Template. (8 Modules, light widgets)

Exclusions: Website and email Hosting or Monthly Support Plan.

Recent Example: Electrician in Dublin. 5 Web Pages with Content Entry including 5 Images, with 1 Attachment Download and Basic Homepage SEO, plus 1 Google Map, plus inserting 1 YouTube video and setting up Google Analytics Website Statistics. All for €975 plus their US $49 Website Design Template. (8 Modules, light widgets)

Optional extras – Buying time – agree an hourly rate with your web partners:

  • Content Editing
  • Support & Maintenance monthly package – choose a package that suits you, buy the time in advance or not, to do a monthly audit for security and theme updates to keep your website up
  • SEO package – choose a package that suits you if required or choose one of our specialist Partners to get targeted traffic to your website
  • We can refer Clients to Specialised Online Digital Marketing specialists, who can use our tools to drive your business.

The terms you agree for the long term are more important than the price is for the short term. Every single website needs reliable support, in the same way you need maintenance for your building, fleet or network.

Or just pay €500 up front and Rent from €149 a month to include hosting and support – Talk to us

We offer 3 types of websites

Webmaster Outsourced | SEO Search Engine Optimisation | Need Web Advice ?

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