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Google Keyword Planner

The world and his mother knows that ranking well in Google search is critical to success on the web and ranking high up on the page as in Number 1 is essential, but how do you know which terms people are searching.

  • Find out:
    How many people want what you have to sell
    Assess local and national market
    Get keyword ideas
    Get forecasts for sales
    Get predictive costs for any adwords campaigns
    See some Adgroups
    Discover some Long Tail terms
    Use Negative keywords
    Learn to reduce wasteful expense in advertising
    Find out what customers want

In our case we want to be found for ‘Web design Donegal’, ‘web development donegal’ or even more generic terms like ‘web donegal’ or ‘ecommerce donegal’.
Hurrah, when we do a search in Google, we are Number 1 for all of these terms ! You could be forgiven for thinking that this is great that we are so well optimised.

Local Search – Now, more importantly, if we want to know how many people in Donegal search for these terms we look at the Google Keyword Planner and find that the results are:

  • Web design Donegal less than 100Google Adwords Planner Michael MacGinty
  • web development donegal less than 10
  • web donegal less than 10
  • ecommerce donegal less than 10
  • SEO Donegal less than 20

In all cases the search volume is very low, so that is disappointing and might indicate that we are possibly optimised for too narrow a search area or the local market demand is very small for what we offer. Being Number 1 in our own geographical area will not lead to much traffic or very many enquiries. It shows our local market that we are competent, but that is it. Try entering your own key terms for your own area before looking at a wider market.

National Search – If we then want to move the needle and start optimising for a wider geographical area, the task gets harder and the competition a lot more stiff.
Volumes rise to 400 a month for the same terms and if we drop the word Donegal, we get 50,000 for Web designers or 150,000 for just web design. And any longer term such as “web designing companies” gets 500 as does “web pages design” or design web page, web design sites and professional web design company. In order to compete in this space, we need to have a lot more relevant and optimised content, which is where you get your SEO Search Engine Optimisation in gear. As we always say, start with a Strategy or Plan to determine what is needed to get optimised for any particular area or sector. You can do it yourself or talk to a good Digital Marketer, who can prove that they have done this before for a similar business type. There is a lot of work to get this right, but it is the way to go and should not be seen as an optional task. Wherever you think your target market exists then this is where you need to be optimised successfully and it can take time. Being Number 1 in your area is like being a big fish in a small pond, so it may not be right for you, if your local area is not a big enough market. If you are unsure about how to put together a Digital Strategy, get an expert to do it with you, before you embark on the project.

Snake oil salesmen will tell you that they can get you to Number 1 on Page 1 of Google, but usually it is for your own company name or in your own home town, but that may not be your target market and anyway, if someone knows your name then this is not a new lead. Be very specific with your Digital Marketing agency about where your market is and ask them if there is any existing demand to chase at all. Never work with anyonewho uses black hat techniques, as it will adversely affect your reputation with Google and your site may be suspended from search.
Check it yourself in Google Keyword Planner. This tool is where to go before you produce any product or try selling anything at all. Use it to get Keyword ideas and to see forecasted results and even to work out the predicted costs of any keywords Ad Campaigns. This is a great source of information upon which to plan your sales campaigns. Your Digital Marketer will also talk to you about Long Tail SEO and focused content and other ways of tweaking your website to attract the sort of client you are looking for.

NB: Google ditched the Keyword tool and replaced it with the Google Keyword Planner Their aim is to get you to check the cost of advertising and then obviously have you book ads.

So get used to the new Google Keyword Planner tool, it is better for Targeting, but takes a bit of getting right. It is all about selling Adwords as Google try to monetise the tool. You must set up an Adwords account to use the tool and some insights have disapppeared in search results where we used to get results by device. Nevertheless this is an invaluable tool so read all about it here. or just get statred here.

RLSA Remarketing lists for search ads

Google feature allows you customize your search adwords campaign to people who have previously visited your own website – for full details check out Google explanation


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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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