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Started by a team of developers who broke away from WooCommerce, then bought out by EBay Inc. Now fastest growing eCommerce platform, with 30% of business eCommerce sites now in Magento.

MeanIT Magento eCommerce Solution

Which Magento eCommerce Platform? Make a list in your eCommerce Web Strategy of all the features you need and then check to see which eCommerce platform works best for you. If your list is stretching the functionality of a particular platform then go for something bigger than you think you need, as a bit of futureproofing. Magento will grow as big as you could

Versions of Magento eCommerce
Magento Go – Discontinued  (This was much like Shopify)
Magento Community – Open Source for developers. – From $15,000 a year up to $25,000 plus for bigger businesses and over €20,000 to implement initially
Magento Enterprise – From $25,000 a year up to $50,000 plus for bigger businesses and over €200,000 to implement initially

Benefits of Magento eCommerce Community:

  • Open Source – lots of users. Open Source – allows freedom to move developer and the flexibility of many available extensions, in an ever growing list. This Open Source aspect is really important, as any investment in a bespoke solution, will have you tied to your developer forever and make it expensive to tweak or customise or develop plugins.
  • Large Community – lots of Developers continuously working on improving the Platform and creating extensions
  • Architecture – Built as a robust platform that can handle any size, allowing you build and build
  • Configurable – It allows so much flexibility, if you know what you are doing, allowing you sell so many different types of product or media
  • Extensions – So many available and so many people who can develop them, making Magento boundless. Magento does the stuff you do not even realise you need right now, like Special Offers, Connected offers, 2 for 1s Upsales, Cross selling and so on. Magento offers all the popular extensions you might want
  • Futureproofing – as if the Community size was not enough eBay bought Magento as its choice of platform for its eCommerce suite.
  • Magento V Shopify – Beats basic Hosted solutions like Shopify, because of scalability. Shopify is ideal for small shops that may not expect heavy traffic, loads of products or large future growth. It is easier to use, if limited in functionality and flexibility. Magento is ideal for larger scale shops or shops where growth is planned. Shopify will require a less competent Developer and User/Manager. For small, staying small, go with Shopify. For big or planned big, go with Magento. Its the Market stall versus the High Street store.
  • Multistore functionality – Multi views, stores and sites – copy your site and put it up as a different look, brand, language whatever suits or have a few shops, maybe one selling DVDs at a premium price and another selling at a lower price or in a different geographical area. You might create multiple stores in one admin panel Magento suppports 64 languages
  • Magento Community V Magento Enterprise – Mega money for mega projects with all the functionality you could ever want. Currently outside our skill set Enterprise is there when you grow too big for Community and then it is a good problem to have. At that point you will be looking at €50 to create a decent shop.
  • Friendly urls – very friendly
  • CMS – Built in, if somewhat limited, but good for Ts & Cs or Disclaimer, About us, Delivery details etc.
  • Minify CSS-JS Javascript – to deliver faster as it combines multiple JS scripts in to one string of code

Security – Secure Platform with SSL cert and Payment Options and a dedicated IP allowing customers pay using many options from Paypal to Wallet. Security is tested and improved continuously

Analytics – Google Analytics is inbuilt with your Magento eCommerce Solution for reporting

Mobile – Mobile site as standard – a custom site for smartphone. Magento has HTML5 integrated to allow for Mobile shopping including drag and drop for cart, smart payment systems and great interface on a small screen. 

SEO – Magento solutions allow for clean urls and meta descriptions & Keywords to make the url easy to read or use. Simply add your product to a category, then add the description and Magento will automatically apply the H1 and P tag for you – no coding required.

GUI – Voted User Friendly interface and allows stores set up to entertain visitors and create upsales opportunities with a smooth flow through the pages

Scalable – Upsize options abound with Magento to allow a store grow without changing platform and allows for Multiple stores, using one database, as well as multi currency and language.

eBay – Integration with eBay the owner and Amazon is a big plus

Design – Themes for Magento are great and growing.Themes – use multiple themes for a site and inside each site to allow a variety of looks and feels within a site

Module based – add, remove or move parts of the shop functionality
PHP and MySQL used and supported by a large community
AWS Amazon Web Services supports Magento in the cloud system rather than local server
Inventory Management that allows for multiple categories, sub categories, weights, attributes, cart rules, discounts, offers, coupon deals
Special discounts at check out or with coupons, on specic colour of an item,
Reporting – Database view of reports on sales, customers, stock, margins etc.
Customer Dashboard to allow end users view their details, history etc.
Peer pricing allows for selling at retail and wholsesale or sell set prices for set quantities.
Customer Groups allows like a CRM to have different pricing for different groups
Shipping integration module to work with UPS, DHL, Fedex etc to get rates applied automatically based on weights and dimensions
Payments integration by Paypal and Google checkout andmany more Merchant processors, gateways etc
Layered navigation to make it easier to narrow down products by fields. Add a Megamenu plugin extension to make it even easier
Extensions – integrate with Google Base or merchant, Amazon, Ebay, a third party gift voucher module – see Magento Connect for a full PlugIns library, created by a large community of developers who work with Magento.
StackExtreme – Magento now has its own independent subsite – this is a serious platform, but it does need a capable webmaster as well as an Editor.

Conclusion – Is Magento Community the best eCommerce Enterprise option for you ?

You want an e-commerce solution or a revamp or new replatform.
Magento Community may be a good low cost option way to get a real enterprise level solution without the full blown Enterprise level costs of Magento Enterprise, which is the preferred choice of the realy big boys who can afford the six figure bills of maybe €250,000 to implement and €25,000 to maintain it.
Community could be deployed for €25,000.00. This is ideal for a new shop who wants an Open Source option that can grow with the business or an existing store that has outgrown a hosted option and wants a more solid platform for growth.

Magento Enterprise has features which Community lacks, including customer segmentation and private sales, but will you need them?

Magento solutions have more features and are more scalable than hosted solutions such as Shopify or BigCommerce or Volusion, which work fine as a low cost entry for smaller etailers who do not expect seven figure sales.
ERP system Integration and so many others such as shipping and stock management work better in the Magento environment, which also gives you control over your own data to analyse.

Magento Community offers the same platform as Enterprise with most of the tools and the option to upscale seamlessly to Enterprise when you are wildly successful.

Imommunity, you have Open Source, Greate Design templates to make your website attractive, easy navigation for your UX user experience, supported by a smooth cart & checkout process making shopping quick and easy.

eCommerce Platform options

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Written by Michael MacGinty

Michael is a well known speaker, author and coach on how to use the web to grow a business. He is also WP Elevation certified as a Digital Business Consultant.
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