Our 10 Step Website Process – how we help you best, one step at a time

Initial enquiry – You contact us and we reply to you with some initial project assessment questions, to help us get to understand what you need or want.

Meeting – Having a basic understanding of what you want to achieve, what you have to offer, what problem it solves and who you want to deal with in the future, helps us see how we can add value for you. Basically, you just tell as much as you can, in a meeting, usually 30 to 40 mins, in person or on the phone or a Zoom call.

Proposal – Based on what we then know, we write up an outline proposal for you, listing what is to be done technically, what investment is required and any features or functionalities that are to be included, for your approval, before signing an agreement.

Discovery – This is where we talk in more depth with you and do our own digging to look at competitor analysis or investigating potential to put together a detailed website Brief or plan, which will include targets and goals. for your approval.

Sitemap – We will also draw up a visual plan or sitemap showing where everything will be laid out, the pages and the navigation structure,  for your approval.

Content collection – This is where you give us all the photos and the text items for your agreed pages. We will give you a list and explain how best to get this to us. If you need content created we can do arrange it. This typically takes the most time.

Responsive Design layoutsDesign – Now we get to colour things in and see how the website will look, when we use the approved brief and approved sitemap to help the graphic designer come up with the right look and feel, for your approval.

Development – Then we get technical for one full week and develop your website based on the approved brief, sitemap and graphic design, to deliver exactly what was promised in the mockup – no surprises.

Testing – We will spend Friday testing the website and let you test it too. Then we can go live and you can announce it to the world.

Care – Every website needs to be looked after, with platform updates, security updates plugin updates and so on. If you do not want to do it we will happily do it for you. We will also help you to make good use of your website, to ensure that you get the return, which was the initial reason for building the website.

That is our proven 10 Step website process, to guarantee the best results for our clients.

Guide to Building a WebsiteFor us this process is simple, we have done it many times before. For you, it will all make sense and we will walk you through it step by step.

As you can see, we only move from one step to the next, when we have your approval for the current step. At any given time you are only committing to just one step at a time.

Once the website is live, it is time to market it and make the world aware of its existence, or at least the part of the world that interests you.