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Salesforce is an all-encompassing CRM solution that helps businesses manage virtually anything. On the plus side, it can integrate all your business requirements into one solution and has numerous plug-ins. Salesforce is a household name, especially in the USA, but that does not necessarily mean it is right for every business.

Studies show that Salesforce has a high full or partial implementation failure ratemeanit-salesforce-crm (Somewhere between 40-55% depending on which report you read), the main reasons are that it is perceived to be complex and usually requires expensive
customization to get right for most businesses.
You need an inhouse expert to manage it.

We, at MeanIT, believe every business should have a CRM, so why not see for yourself and go to  and request an overview demo.

OnePage CRM

This is an excellent alternative to Salesforce, a powerful, but easy to use Sales Management CRM that helps businesses manage their customers, sales leads and sales opportunities. It is fully integrated with the powerful MailChimp and Mailchimp Forms, so you can use your customer database for targeted marketing campaigns. Use Zapier to integrate other 3rd party apps.

It also has some useful differences from the market leader, Salesforce, our favourite:
1. One Page has some useful integration apis, such as Xero, Skype, Evernote and Outlook.
We found OnePage CRM to be an excellent low cost alternative to Salesforce for our business. If you are interested in seeing more just visit  and request an overview demo.

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